Wang Xiuxia is a 35 year old blind woman. Along with practitioner Xu Shuhua, she went to Beijing to appeal for justice regarding Dafa on the second day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. There, they were arrested and subjected to a cruel interrogation, details of which follow, so as to procure their names and addresses. Raising Xu off the ground with a rope, the police, in a group of 5 or 6, took turns beating her until her face became deformed. In addition, they lit incense sticks and held them directly beneath her nostrils. Realizing that Wan Xiuxia was blind, the police humiliated her by forcing her to walk about and turn left or right according to their command, a degrading act which caused her to bump continually into the walls and door. These "people's police" then beat and whipped her about the body, legs and feet with a rubber tube, causing swelling from her head to her toes and knocking out several teeth. Then they turned to the electric shock stick and inflicted shocks to her most sensitive parts. They went so far as to char her fingers and made black pus run from her hands so that it took her over two weeks to recover. The cruelty of the police is plain to see. Subsequently, the two women were conned into giving their address and taken back to Shuangcheng, where they were beaten again! Wang Xiuxia, legally blind, was then sent to prison, where there are no accomodations for one with her disability.

Another handicapped Dafa practitioner is Zhang Shengfan, a 39 year old man who can only walk with crutches and is on his own, his parents having passed away. After appealing to present the true facts about Falun Gong in Beijing last year (2000), he was escorted back to Shuangcheng City and illegally detained there at the Second Detention Center for 3 months. In July, his home was searched, without a warrant or probable cause, for Dafa-promoting literature by the city government. Though nothing was found that could be construed as evidence, he was arrested and detained for four months. His release came when his relatives, led by a brother, paid 2000 Yuan (about $250, roughly 4 months' income of an average worker in China) to bail him out, which is more proof of the hardship imposed on the populace by the unjust persecution of the innocent. On January 19 of this year, while at home tutoring his students, he was taken away to a so-called "transformation class" at the vocational school's dormitory located in the backyard of the Wenlu Middle School. In order to watch the Dafa practitioners, numerous new police recruits have been hired and security is so tight that the detainees are even monitored while using the restroom. All doors are kept locked and the practitioners within checked routinely via a peephole. While checking up on the Dafa students, anything that they did in support of Dafa would be reported to the "615" office in charge of persecuting Falun Gong. The rooms were checked throughout the night and when there was nothing to report, the policemen would get together to drink and gamble on duty. According to a policeman, the department head, Li Shijie, won over 7000 Yuan (about $900) in one night. During the Spring Festival, this man had over 10 dishes at every meal while the Dafa detainees were given only potatoes and cabbage. Later in the month, their dinners were reduced to cabbage soup and buns that were often stale while their breakfast was overcooked noodles that didn't satisfy their hunger. These were the only two meals allowed daily. With a sarcastic tone, the police said, "See how well we treat you? This is much better than prison, right?" The General Secretary, a Mr. Cong, even asked the Dafa practitioners to go on television and state how nice the conditions were. These methods are used all over Shuangcheng City to detain, "transform" and persecute Falun Gong students.

Zhao Qingshan is a 50 year old man who had been arrested for spreading Dafa materials. He was able to escape after being illegally detained for 28 days at Nagang and could only wander around like a fugitive. On Chinese New Year's Day, he was arrested at 10 AM for passing out Dafa literature and sent to the "615" office. Since there was no one present in the office he was kept in police custody, whereupon they handcuffed his hands behind his back and started to beat him. Three savage policemen took turns beating him while taunting and insulting him by saying, "We will give all our De (the virtuous substance) to you!" Also present was the chief of the Fourth Detachment who threatened Zhao with: "After I broke your legs I could say that you did it yourself and everyone here would back me up!" This horrific beating, using fists and leather belts, continued for two hours resulting in a mouth full of blood, loose teeth and a black and blue face. It took over 20 days for Zhao to recover. But he didn't submit to the wicked injustice and was able to escape while being taken to the dining hall, though he still had a handcuff on one wrist.

Guan Yanling is a 35 year old lady who was first detained for appealing in Beijing on New Year's Day 2000 at the Second Detention Center, Shuangcheng City and not released until June 17. During her detention she went on a hunger strike to request the restoration of Master Li's innocent reputation and the unconditional release of all Dafa practitioners. The head there, a Mr. Jin, had her handcuffed behind her back and thrown onto the bed and held down by several people. He then ordered the doctor to force feed her with salt water via a tube. Upon removal of this tube, blood spurted from her nose and mouth and the left side of her neck swelled up wider than her face! Guan couldn't speak or catch her breath. Her wheezing sounded as loud as snoring and she was unable to get up. She was unable to hold her body erect, even while sitting. The salt water in her stomach ached terribly and her body was flushed and feverish. For 20 days, she couldn't keep any food down and unable to fall asleep. Such suffering is truly beyond description! Her family finally came to the police station and obtained her release. Subsequently, while on her way to the train station she was recognized by the police and again detained for over 20 days without any reason. Next, she was transferred to the Wenlu Middle School "transformation class" from which she was able to escape, along with four others, after 3 days.

In Youlian Village of the Shuangcheng City Commune, there is a family all of whose members are Falun Gong practitioners. Their ordeal started when the brothers Li Peng, Li Chao and Peng's wife Zhao Dongyan, were fined 14000 Yuan (5000 of which was given to the village committee) for exercising their constitutional right to appeal in Beijing. The homes of the brothers, Li Chao and Li Peng, were illegally searched in the first month of the 2001 lunar year. These ransackers were from the Court, the Procuratorate, the Public Security Bureau. Among them were people in charge of the Falun Gong situation in the commune such as Wang Dedan, a 40 year old village headman and his assistant, Zhang Xueliang. They confiscated the brothers' building materials: lumber, tools, fixtures, etc. A large truck was crammed with goods worth over 7000 Yuan (around $800) and illegally driven away, without a warrant or receipt.

The village devised a scheme to prevent Dafa practitioners from appealing. 12 residents handed over 250 Yuan each as a bounty and their job was to watch Falun Gong students for which they would receive 10 yuan for each day that no one left to appeal. But the bounty was forfeited should anyone do so. This caused many people to complain about such a violation of civil rights. But this wasn't enough for the village schemers so they then started the warrantless searches. Ten days after the confiscation, the only two family members left at home, Li Peng's father and Li Chao's five year old son, were taken away to the so-called "transformation class" and detained until just recently. That makes seven people of this family that were either illegally detained or forced to wander around to avoid it. This nice, stable family was broken up and their cozy house emptied. Wang Dedan also uses the broadcast media to insult Dafa and has threatened Falun Dafa practitioners by saying that they would not be allowed to plant their fields, that their houses would be appropriated and that they would have to pay stiff fines for practicing. He even said he would knock down their houses with a bulldozer!

Even after the death of Zhou Zhichang, the vicious people in Shuangcheng City continued to harrass Dafa practitioners by mounting a large scale arrest on January 15. Out of the 28 communes in the city, an average of 30 to 40 people were arrested. In some of the communes, up to 400 practitioners were arrested! All were sent to a "transformation class" and forced to write a guarantee letter that they would stop practicing, with only a family member who is a public employee permitted as guarantor. No family members were allowed to visit and all were pressured into paying a 1000 Yuan bail, causing trouble for everyone concerned. Even students at the elementary school were asked if their parents practiced Falun Gong at home. If so, the child would be deprived of an education so as to force the parent to give up Dafa.

In ancient times, a great teacher named Jesus made the blind see and the lame walk. But in our day, the supposed "best time of human rights" claimed by Jiang Zemin, the blind are shocked with cattle prods and the lame are beaten merely because they value "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance!"

Practitioners from Mainland China

March 1, 2001