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Vicious police officer Wang Yingzhou is the 3rd team head at the Daqing City Labor Camp, Heilongjiang Province. During August and September 2000, he tortured and persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. To please his superiors, he tried to force practitioners to write guarantees to stop practicing Falun Gong. When the practitioners refused to comply, he resorted to violence. He used an electric baton and a rubber club to beat up six practitioners being held in detention, causing great harm both physically and mentally to these people.

Last summer, after the head of the 2nd team asked common criminals to torture practitioner Mr. Wang Bin and caused his death, the team was dissolved. However, in November 2000, the 2nd team was reconstructed and Wang Yingzhou was named the Team Captain. Within the first few days, he started to physically abuse practitioner Zuo Guoqing. In addition, he also threatened other practitioners with violent language. To protest his torture and abuse, practitioners held a hunger strike. Wang Yingzhou's answer was harsher punishment. In seven days, he forced the practitioners who were on the hunger strike to run, stand, pick up bricks, play basketball and to do clean-up tasks. He told practitioners that he is a re-incarnation of a devil from hell, and that his mission is to torture Falun Gong practitioners. At last, the situation brought attention from higher levels and the local police headquarters transferred him back to the 3rd team.

After his transfer, Wang Yingzhou did not change his violent behavior. In February 2001, he once again encouraged some policemen and some common criminals to torture 10 practitioners. One practitioner was hurt so badly and he was unable to walk afterwards.

The physical abuse by Wang Yingzhou and his fellow police officers mocks the law and attacks human dignity. Yet, the police leaders ignore their actions. We appeal here to those police officers and people with conscience: please help stop the abuse in the 3rd team and reveal to the world what is going on. Return justice to the Falun Gong practitioners.

February 2001