I was a Dafa disciple coming to Beijing to protect the Fa on January 1, 2001. As soon as we unfurled the banners at Tiananmen Square, several plainclothesmen pushed us into a police van. Police in the van venomously abused us and threw us on the floor; and then they kicked us and hit us with their fists. Rapidly the sides of my eyes became swollen with big bumps. Police then stomped upon my head.

We had about 50 people sent to Xicheng district lockup then. Police brought us into a basement and forced us to give our addresses. They saw me being firm in not speaking, so they began to torture me. They asked me to take off my clothes, leaving me with only a single piece of clothing. They used ropes to tie my hands, feet, and knees; and made me lie on the ground. There were two stools put on my body so that I could not move. Police sat on the top of the stools and asked me whether I would like to tell them my name and address. At that time, there were about five or six police. One held my nose and laid a towel upon my mouth; and another then poured water into my mouth from a jug, which made me unable to take a breath. They did this to me for a while until one of the police said: "Well, let's stop for a moment. We do not want her to die here." They tortured me and questioned me at the same time. This torment (pouring water into my mouth) was repeated several times, each time it lasting longer than previous time. Seeing this torment was not effective on me, the police started to shock me with an electrical baton. One torment after another! At that time, I was shocked so hard that I could not gasp for air.

Falun Gong is innocent! I call on all kind-hearted people to pay close attention to the persecution of Dafa disciples!

February 2001