Last weekend, a practitioner showed me a small note published in the People's Daily Foreign Addition: Friends of Chinese in Canada will host a panel discussion to "denounce" Falun Gong; the Chinese Consul will be invited and all people are welcome etc.

We decided to attend the seminar since it said everyone's welcome. When we arrived, we found that the little meeting room had only one small door guarded by 5 or 6 men. All attendees were required to provide proof of their organizational affiliation and be introduced by an insider. Furthermore, they asked everyone if they practiced Falun Gong and refused admittance if the answer was affirmative. Pointing to the ad in People's Daily and Ming newspaper, a practitioner spoke to them in a calm voice: "Your newspaper clearly stated that everyone was welcome. We only want to find out why you host such a meeting". They shook their head, waved their hands and changed their stance, sheepishly saying that it was a private meeting in a private place; they had nothing to do with whatever People's Daily and Ming newspaper printed. One young lady was questioned five times whether she practiced Falun Gong. Finally she gave in and said that she supported Falun Gong. She was immediately asked to leave the meeting room. One practitioner happened to run into the president of his association and told the president that he was prevented from entering the meeting room. The president said that he did not want to attend the meeting but was ordered to come. Such is "Free to attend"!

More than 30 counties, cities and towns in Canada announced "Falun Dafa Day" or "Falun Dafa Week" before the Chinese New Year. The Chinese council and the so-called "Friends of Chinese in Canada" close their doors to hold a secret "Cultural Revolution style" meeting to denounce Falun Gong. Isn't this a clear act against the will of the Canadian government and the people? Are they suitable representatives for the "Canada - China friendship's talk"?