[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Police Shoot, Cook and Eat Family Dog On January 29, two practitioners went to another practitioner's home to pay a New Year's visit. Soon, the policemen from local Chengdong police station arrived and took them away. After a short time, the policemen went back to the home. The family dog barked at the policemen, trying to protect the house. (The dog was trained and had once saved the life of the host.) One of the policemen pulled out his gun and shot the dog. Then, they dragged the dog out of the garden and drained its blood. They then loaded the dog into the police car, drove back and ate it. At the police station, the practitioner was given a bag the police had taken from his home, but discovered that one thousand yuan (average monthly salary in a Chinese city is 700 yuan) were missing from it. The policemen didn't give any explanation. [Southwest China] Spring Arrives Early In the morning of January 31, a lot of banners appeared in streets and lanes, in the telephone booths and on electric poles and walls stating, "Falun Dafa is good!" "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance Lives Forever" and "Restore the Good Name of Dafa." Many residents and people who were doing morning exercises picked up flyers that tell the truth about Falun Dafa. [Zhaoyuan City, Shandong province] Zhaoyuan City Police Commit More Crimes In the hometown of practitioner Zhao Jinhua (she was the first practitioner reported to have been tortured to death by the authorities because of practicing Falun Gong), many practitioners were put into a detention center before the Chinese New Year. In the detention center, the guards often locked 7 to 8 practitioners together with handcuffs to prevent them from practicing and studying Dafa. The environment was difficult but the practitioners' hearts were steadfast. One of the female practitioners had been detained for 7 months and was released shortly before the Chinese New Year. Several days before the Chinese New Year, the police again went to her home to arrest her. At that time, she was at her sister's home, so the police went there. They first caught the two husbands of the sisters, then kicked open the door and dragged out the two sisters. They dragged the sisters a long way and pushed them into a police car 500 meters way (about 1650 feet). Along the road, the sisters cried out, "The police are arresting innocent people, please help!" Many villagers were watching. They were angry, but dared not to speak out against the injustice. The policemen beat the sisters, and the younger sister's left eye was swollen. Two days later, the two sisters escaped with the help of their husbands. They resolutely went to Tiananmen to tell the world how good Falun Dafa is. They are enduring severe tests now. [Shanhe City, Hebei Province] Some Illegal Actions of Yanjiao Police Sub-station The bridge and track company of No.13 Railway Bureau took all the practitioners who refused to write guarantee letters and sent them to the Yanjiao Police substation. In the Yanjiao police substation, no food is provided, and so the family members have to send every meal to the practitioners. The company also dismissed all the relatives of these practitioners including the spouses, children, and even the children's spouses, making the practitioners' financial situation all the more desperate. Not a single penny is paid to them. Around the New Year, Yanjiao Public Security Inspection Station (a mandatory stop for practitioners from Tangshan City, Ji County, and Yanjiao of Shanhe City who go to Beijing) began to inspect all buses passing this station. They would ask every passenger on a bus whether he or she practiced Falun Gong and would force everyone to curse the Teacher. Many passengers were disgusted with the police, especially for ruining the morality of the young with the disgusting curses. One elderly gentleman insisted that he would not curse, so the policeman kicked him all the way off the bus in front of all the other passengers. [Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province] Police Detain the Parents Leaving the Child Uncared For Li, about 46 years old is the nurse of Children's Hospital of Xuzhou city. She was detained by her hospital because she went to Beijing to validate Dafa. The Xuzhou Mineral Resource Administration Bureau employs her husband (about 48 years old). He was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor after being arrested for posting Dafa flyers in November 2000. Since both parents have lost their freedom, no one takes care of their child now. [Weifang City, Shandong Province] Practitioner Du Tianning Arrested in Anqiu Practitioner Du Tianning (male, about 30 years old) is the resident of Anqiu, Weifang city. Since July 20, 1999, he was forced to leave home and wander about, but he was protecting Dafa all the time. At midnight 12 o'clock January 22, 2001, Aiqiu police and people from Anqiu TV station broke into his temporary residence. They arrested him and took away his computer and a printer. [Taicang City, Jiangsu Province] Recent Suppressions Against Dafa Practitioners in Taichang City Around 10:00PM on December 30, 2000, policemen knocked on the doors of every practitioner's home and told them that police needed them to come to the station to answer some questions, but that they would soon be allowed to return home. The practitioners were deceived and detained in the police station. The police called this detention a "Studying Class." Among those deceived were Zhang Huiming of General Knitting Factory, Zhang Jiandong of the Weaving Equipment Factory, Shen Jian of the Insurance Company, Chen Gang of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and two old women. Some work units had received the notification of this "Studying Class." Every practitioner was forced to pay 3,000 Yuan (about US $375) training fee for attending the "Studying Class." Since January 6, 2000, when police arrested the three practitioners Shi Zehui, Wang Jian, and Qin Yanqiu, to January 2001, the following practitioners have been illegally detained and fined:

  1. Zhang Huiming and Shan Shuhua of the General Knitting Factory were detained 2 months and fined 2,000 Yuan (US $250) each. Their work unit was fined over 10,000 Yuan (about US $1,250).
  2. Zhang Haiquan of the Grains Department was detained over 2 months and fined 3,500 Yuan. The department was fined 10,000 Yuan.
  3. Qin Yanqiu of the Post Office was sent to the mental hospital and illegally detained there over half a year. The Post Office had to pay 5,000 Yuan of "medical expenses" and Qin had to pay the rest. Later, the Post Office dismissed her, eliminating her income.
  4. Zhou Hongbing of Liuhe town, Wang Wei of the Agriculture Bank, Yao Jianguo and Lu Jie of Nanjiao, and Cai Xiuying of another town were also detained in the mental hospital. Liu Jie was detained 2 months and fined 2,500 Yuan; Yao Jianguo was detained for 2 months and fined several hundred Yuan; Zhou Hongbing was injected for 8 days with an overdose of a drug that can destroy the central nervous system .
  5. Taicang detention center detained Bao Huizhu; Zhang Jiandong of the Weaving Equipment Factory; Zhou Guohua of the Winery Factory; Shen Jian of the insurance company; Chen Gang of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital; Wang Guiping of the Shiyan Elementary School; Chen Huifang and Xu Fumin of Loudong county; Cao Jinyuan of Shaxi town; Zhao Yumei and Pu Hao of Banqiao county; Zhou Hongbing, Chen Wei and his mother of Liu He town; Chen Juying and Feng Xiuzhen of Nanjiao; Wu Zhengzheng, Han Yulan and Yuan XX (given name unknown) of Taicang city; Dong XX (given name unknown) of Shuangfeng Town; and many others. We cannot list all the names here.
Those who are listed above were detained for at least one month. There were 30 other people that were closely monitored or interrogated by the police to various degrees. Even a small city like Taicang has so many people being persecuted; can you imagine how many people have been persecuted in the whole country?
Attachment: Pu Hao of Banqiao County, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province was sentenced to 18 months of forced labor. Those practitioners who are still in detention on criminal charges:
Shi Zehui, Qin Yanqiu, Deng Minmin, Bao Huizhu, Chen Shuying, Li Qin, Xu Fumin, Pu Qibing and Cao Peizhen.
Person responsible for this persecution: Zhan Huizhong, section chief of Political Security Department of Taicang City Police Bureau. Home phone: (86) (520) 3533823; work phone (86) (520) 3523112 ask operator to connect to Political Security Department, zip code 215400