On the evening of December 9, 1999, over twenty Dafa practitioners in Beizaoqian Village of Longkou City got together to exchange ideas about how to tell the government the truth concerning Dafa. After a half hour, the brigade secretary Xie Deju, the public security director Pang Jun and the president of Beizao Mine Police Substation,Wang Gang, led the brigade militiamen in a violent and warrant less break-in. They took all attending practitioners to the Beizaoqian Village Primary School and tortured them.

The secretary Xie Deju personally beat practitioner Tian Shuqi; a group of militiamen also surrounded Tian all around and beat and kicked him until Tian Shuqi's body was black and blue. The president of Police Substation Wang Gang and the vice-secretary of the town government, Li Jun, beat practitioner Tang Zhulong such that his mouth and nose began bleeding. The blood spurted all over a stretch of wall. His face became so bloated that it looked like a big lump. The public security director Pang Jun conducted four or five militiamen and one policeman from the police substation in beating Yang Meijuan cruelly. The left side of her face was beaten dozens of times and swelled up at once. Pang Jun shouted: Let the other side of her face also swell up! After the order was issued, the militiamen beat even more harshly. They forced her to say not that she would stop practicing Falun Gong, but they never succeeded. Because Yang Meijuan persisted in practicing cultivation and did not yield, the water and electricity was cut off to her home .

Pang Jun also commanded militiamen to cruelly beat Jiang Yongzhan, which made Jiang Yongzhan's chest hurt for more than half a month. In the severe winter, they poured ice cold water from his head to his feet and forced him to stay in a half squat. Chen Zhaowu was also beaten, watered similarly and forced to stay in half squat ... ... All practitioners were completely disfigured with a mass of bruises. However, they suffered silently and did not complain at all.

In March 2000, in order to verify Dafa, Dafa practitioners Yuan Yuqin and Zhang Shumin from Beizaoqian Village went to Beijing to appeal. After they were arrested, the public security director Pang Jun led several people and took off their coats, shoes and socks. Then they handcuffed Yuan Yuqin to an iron pillar in the brigade yard and Zhang Shumin on the police car. It had just snowed on that day. Both of them were barefoot, standing on the snowy ground. Xie Deju took up a baton and hit Yuan Yuqin ruthlessly. Militiamen also acted like mad dogs and attacked her. They pummeled her with fists and feet and put the electrical shock stick inside of her clothes and onto her bare feet. After a while, Yuan Yuqin was beaten such that her mouth and nose became bloody and her face, swollen. After that, they still did not stop, so they took out a bottle of white liquor and forced Yuan Yuqing to drink. Yuan said: "I cannot drink!" The gang of militiamen poured liquor down her throat by brute force. Yuan shouted: "What you are doing is immoral behavior!" Xie Deju ruthlessly kicked the face of Yuan Yuqin and pushed her onto the snow and shouted: "That is right. What I did is really immoral behavior. I am the law. You accuse me in any place you like!" In this way, pouring liquor down her throat, Yuan was harassed over one hour. Zhang Shumin was handcuffed onto the police car, Tang Zhulong and Xie Yulan were also beaten cruelly and had liquor poured down their throats. Xie Deju and Pang Jun also told their accomplices to bring a basin of excrement and urine and then poured it down their throats. Thus, they were tossed about until 11pm. Xie Deju said: "Tonight, they are all handcuffed in the yard to freeze and do not allow them to enter the house."

Next evening, Pang Jun again commanded LuanYongping to lead several people and beat each of the Dafa believers. Just because Zhang Shumin said: "Our master healed our diseases," they took her to the beach, dug a hole in the sand and then threatened to bury her alive ... ...

Thus, Dafa disciples were detained for days without any reasons and suffered all kinds of torture and mistreatment!

Such heinous crimes against the innocent have piled up debts higher than a mountain. No doubt, these perpetrators will have to repay them at some future point.