[Clearwisdom.net] On January 28, 2001, Dafa disciples in Brooklyn again were full of enthusiasm to come out to 8th Avenue, where the local Chinese people get together to attend the Spring Festival parade in Brooklyn.

Because of the lies from the Chinese Communist Party and the acquiescence by the business and diplomatic communities, our applications of the past two years had been refused. However, it does not affect our state of mind a bit. The reason, wisdom and benevolence taught by Dafa have made us become unperturbed. However, it doesn't matter whether we send Dafa materials, set a poster or do any activity related to Falun Gong, it will be forbidden by the sponsoring unit. How should we handle this, we asked ourselves

Some disciples became dejected, but some disciples had a brainstorm and found a place one street away from the organizer's "kingdom", which is close to the entrance of a subway station where people come and go. We hung a bright golden banner, on which were visible: "Practice Falun Gong, Make the Body and Mind Healthy; Welcome the new Spring Festival into the World", "Zhen-Shan-Ren" and a visually pleasing "Falun Dafa Disciples Wish a Happy New Year to Everyone". Soon, people were attracted to this sight. Every yellow balloon, printed with "Falun Dafa", was taken away by a group of children, each one looking like an auspicious and beautiful flower in bloom.

Dafa materials were spread among more predestined people, each with a passionate "Happy New Year!" that was heard by the crowds. The flow of people interested in the material table was unceasing and many of them asked for other material. Three copies of the Dafa book brought by a disciple also attracted these predestined people's attention. Although they had received material, they still wanted to look at the book of Falun Dafa. The Dafa disciples felt happy to say: We would like you to have it, free of charge! The yellow balloons, which were clearly visible as they fluttered on the street, brought more people to the scene. Children tugged on their family members. More Dafa materials were taken away by the teeming people. We happily took bags of new Hongfa materials surrounded by balloons. A sense of rejoicing, along with some surprised expressions, had replaced people's apathy. Many in the crowd murmured, "Oh, it is Falun Gong!" The flying Dafa banner, bright yellow balloons and ebullient New Year's greetings were just like a warm spring breeze which slowly melts the apathy and misunderstanding in their minds. Relative to the noise from the dancing lion and the drums, we had very unique scenery. As we viewed the merrily wafting balloons adorning the beautiful blue sky, we felt that the future will soon bring a time "With heavens clear and celestial bodies transparent, the cosmos is rectified (Hong Yin-Poems by Li Hongzhi)."