On January 27, 2001, a Falun Dafa experience-sharing conference was held in the eastern part of the U.S., more specifically, for the first time in the State of Virginia. The conference was held in the Cultural Arts Center in the city of Glen Ellen. There were over two hundred practitioners participating in the conference. Most of them came from Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and North Carolina. There were also practitioners who came from India and Korea. Some practitioners who joined the conference had three generations of family together there. They not only enjoyed their family gathering, but also practiced and cultivated diligently together.

There were 18 practitioners who gave speeches at this experience-sharing conference. Among them, there was a veteran practitioner who attained the Fa seven years ago in China and is now active in spreading the Fa. There were practitioners there who were among the first group of disciples to attain the Fa in Washington D.C. Some practitioners just came back from China recently. They told all the participants the moving stories of the disciples in China, who "firmly cultivated Dafa with their hearts unmoved" under extraordinarily adverse conditions. They also exposed with their personal experience stories the inhuman brutality of Jiang Zemin and those who carry out his commands. The speakers in the conference spoke from different points of view about their luck in attaining the Fa, their firmness in practicing cultivation, the greatness of Dafa, and the Benevolence of Master Li, who can never be praised highly enough by any words.

Honorable mention went to the western practitioners who spoke. They were pure-minded and had a deep comprehension of the Fa. There were many Western practitioners who could not help shedding tears in their speeches. It was very inspiring and encouraging for the new practitioners.

In the afternoon, practitioners from Washington D.C. showed more than one hundred slides. The slides not only exposed the fierce nature of Jiang Zemin but also reflected the great Benevolence and Forbearance of the practitioners who were willing to endure great suffering for the happiness of other people.

The whole experience-sharing conference came to a successful end at around 6:00 PM.