Chen Yunchuan's family, including his wife, two sons and two daughters live at Canfangying Village, Beixinbao District, Huanlai County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. They are practitioners of Falun Dafa. Throughout the year they went through all kinds of tribulations. On September 22, 1999, Chen Weili, the younger daughter, was terribly beaten by the officers of the municipal government for practicing Falun Dafa publicly. After that, her face was purple and blue, her teeth were loose, her eyes were bloodshot, and her fingers were swollen from being handcuffed. She was detained for 15 days afterwards because the vicious officers wanted to cover up their brutality. On September 25, Liu Yufeng, the head of the local police station, and Jiang Huijun, a man from the local synthetic administration office (an organization in charge of "public order" under the [party's name omitted] Party), allowed more than 20 brutal men to torture Chen Yuanli, the younger son in the family, in the police station. They smashed his fingers with chopsticks and kicked and slapped him severely. The torture lasted from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. After he was released, he was bloody all over and could hardly eat any food because of the injury to his stomach. On October13, Liu Yufeng, Jiang Huijun, the local secretary of the [party's name omitted] Party surnamed Wang, and the former head of the town surnamed Zhang brought all the members of the Chen family to the police station, and beat each one in front of the others. Then they were detained there separately. On December 28, 1999, the Chen family, as well as another practitioner called Yang Guibao, were arrested for appealing to authorities and were sentenced to a detention center in Huailai county for 15 days. Without any explanation, however, their sentence was prolonged continuously for 10 months. They were finally released on October 14, 2000. Ten days later, on October 24, 2000, the Chen family, Yang Guibao and another practitioner again made the journey to appeal in Beijing. Due to a hunger strike, the mother's legs were too swollen to walk smoothly, and another old lady also had difficulty walking because of the pain in her legs, so everybody had to help carry them the whole way. After three days of hardships, they finally arrived at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, where they shouted all together: "Falun Dafa is good!" The armed police in the square forced them into a police vehicle and sent them to the detention center in Xuanwu District. Because she refused to have her picture taken, the younger daughter was grabbed by her hair and dragged on the ground for hundreds of meters by policemen. She lost her shoes, her feet were scraped bloody, and her trousers were torn and covered in mud. The elder son refused to tell his name and address, so the police beat his fingers with a bamboo stick. They also clubbed him on the knees, arms, back and chest. After he still refused to say anything, they swept his face with a broom and kicked him with leather shoes. He was tortured in turn three times. The younger son was interrogated twice. He was put into a small room alone and was slapped over 100 times. The vicious policemen severely pounded his chest and kicked his legs. They even shamefully made him smell their shoe pads and wrote slandering words against Master Li on his face. When he was tormented to the state of unconsciousness, they forced him to walk 100 times around the room. Finally they forced him to stand bare foot for one hour and continuously kicked his legs until he fell to the ground in shock. On October 29, Liu Yufeng, the head of the local police station, came to pick them up at the detention center. He immediately robbed the Chen's of 1,000 yuan (about two months' income of an average worker) and a watch, and robbed another practitioner of 360 yuan and a watch, and then he took them to the local detention center. When the 62- year-old Chen Yunchuan was interrogated, a policeman surnamed Lu seized him by the collar and pulled him down from a bed. The old man suffocated immediately and didn't wake up for half an hour. Xu Weiguo, the head of the county's public security bureau, personally directed the persecution. He claimed: "We'll not treat them as human. Don't give them quilts, and throw them into the ditch out back if they die." The wardens took away their quilts, so they had to sleep directly on the wet cement. The practitioners began a hunger strike. A policeman forcefully poured maize paste and salt water into their stomachs, while 5-6 policemen held them down. Thirteen days later, the younger daughter started urinating and vomiting blood; she had difficulty breathing and her blood pressure dropped. The police had to send her to the hospital. The younger son's life was also in danger, without blood pressure and pulse. The father could hardly breathe. After some medical treatment, they were all set free because the leader of the detention center feared that they would die inside the jail. On January 14, 2001,Yang Guibao was beaten to death. Then, on January 20, the police arrested the Chen family children out of fear that they might divulge the truth of the policemen's crimes. On the way to the detention center, the younger daughter jumped out of the police vehicle and broke her arm and lost consciousness. After emergency treatment at the hospital, she was taken back to jail, but later on, she was sent home because she could hardly move at all. When the officers from the provincial government came to inspect the jail, the elder son shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" The wardens were extremely scared and hid him in a coal storage room. They didn't put him back in a cell until the people from provincial government were gone. They then let the criminals in the cell tie him on a wooden cross and pour cold water into his mouth, which nearly drowned him to death. Two days later, this dying person was set free. At about 9:00 AM on January 28, a gang of 14-15 policemen besieged the Chen's home. They pounded on the door and clamored that they wanted to arrest all six members of the family. These cruel people were very rampant and tried to force their way into the house through the windows. In total disregard of the law and infringing on the most basic human rights, the head of the public security bureau, who was leading the team, insisted on arresting these innocent people only because of their persistent belief in Falun Dafa. Such a villain's deed startled all the people nearby, and hundreds gathered to watch what was happening. Having gone through all the tribulations of torture and imprisonment for 10 months, the Chen family demonstrated the grandeur of Dafa to the people who still had a sense of justice. In the face of the evil, the whole family was fully determined. They thought of nothing but not to be taken away easily by the evil forces and defend the truth with their own lives. They immediately found a loudspeaker to tell the gathering people the truth of how the followers of the evil Jiang trod upon the laws and persecuted the practitioners. The daring deed overwhelmed everyone in site. All the onlookers were full of indignation towards the vicious policemen. Under the pressure, those followers of Jiang had to flee in a hurry. Later on, the Chen family started their journey to appeal again. Practitioners in Mainland China February 22, 2001