[Minghui Net] Dafa practitioner Ren Pengwu, male, 33 years old, is a university graduate and an employee of Harbin City No. 3 Power Plant [Heilongjiang Province]. On the evening of February 16, 2001, while distributing Dafa truth materials with 4 other fellow practitioners, he was arrested and subjected to fascist-like brutal beatings and torture in the public security bureau of Hulan County [Heilongjiang Province]. As a result of this inhuman abuse, Ren Pengwu died in the early morning of February 21, 2001. According to a reliable source of information, here is what we found out. County Police Department and County 615 Office (in charge of Falun Gong Persecution) asked leaders of No. 3 Power Plant to pacify and appease the family members of Ren Pengwu. They then performed an autopsy on his body and used the identification of a legal medical expert to reach a final decision about the cause of death. It was officially listed as "heart disease." The authorities attempted to cremate his body right away so that they could destroy evidence and cover up their crimes that were the real cause of his death. Presently Ren Pengwu's body has been transferred to the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Hulan County. Dozens of policemen and armed police tightly guard it, and nobody is allowed to view the body. We strongly appeal to the human rights organizations and all kind-hearted people around the world to show concern for this matter, support the family members of the victim, uphold justice and lawfully punish the murderers. Practitioners from Mainland China On February 25, 2001