I am a seventy-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner. Since July 20, 1999, I had been harassed by the local policemen from time to time. This was really strange since I am an old woman who barely steps out her house, so who could I bother or harm ?

At the beginning, while watching the so-called "people's policeman" harm good people like devils, I couldn't help having a little fear; but the more I was scared, the fiercer they became. They even forced me to give up my cultivation. Later on, after they found a lot of flyers in the streets, they suspected that I did it. They came to my house and arbitrarily searched everywhere. They wanted to find some Dafa materials so they could convict me and, thus, get more monetary rewards. Despite their efforts, they found nothing but a piece of Xerox paper. After that, they kept asking me where the paper came from and what it was used for? I didn't answer any of their questions since I know they were just trying to purposely deceive and threaten an old lady like me.

Later on they went even further and asked some workers to guard my door twenty-four hours a day. I had to ask for their "permission" even if I went shopping. The neighborhood committee members all knew that after I practiced Falun Gong, my serious diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease all disappeared; I do not even catch a small cold. The local policemen saw me walking as if on wings, so they claimed I would make trouble if I went outside. All my neighbors laughed in private. They said things like "Those guys have nothing to do after eating so much except watch a 70-year-old woman," and "Jiang Zemin is insane." Some workers who got laid off even cursed Jiang Zemin more furiously saying, "Jiang Zemin squandered away people's hard earned money. He will come to no good end!"

After seeing that they would take a yard after they were given an inch, I realized that I had humanly fostered the evil because of my fear. We cultivate the orthodox Fa in an open and aboveboard way. We have not done anything against the government and the country. Instead, we made the social and moral values return to a higher level. Once this right thought came out, I felt there was nothing to be scared of any more. Thus, I went to the neighborhood committee and told them that what the policemen did at my house was illegal. I also told them, "It was Falun Gong that gave me my heath back--all of you know that. You also know that if I didn't practice Falun Gong, the only thing left for me would be death! But you kept on forcing me to give up my practice. Does this amount to pushing me to my death and harming me? You live on the people and make your money from people. Why don't you think for the people? I am harassed by the policemen and filled with apprehension everyday now. If there was something wrong with me, then who would take the responsibility? Will you put the blame on Falun Gong again? If you do not let a 70-year-old woman live in peace, then I have no choice but to appeal. I will also go to Tiananmen to tell the truth!"

They were really shocked at the moment . They looked at each other in blank dismay without saying a word. Then everything changed. The twenty-four "security" was canceled . The local policemen came to my house only once in a while and without making any threatening gesture or search my house arbitrarily. They politely told me, "We are just doing this job to make a living and we will only go through the procedure. We'll take a peek and leave right away. Please don't be scared anymore."

Now I have completely regained my freedom. I will continue to tell the truth until all the Dafa practitioners regain their freedom and our teacher's reputation has been restored.

Dictated by the senior practitioner