[Minghui Net] Those Policemen Who Help the President, Please Conduct Yourselves Well

According to reliable sources, presently a special program about civilized law-enforcement is carried out among all the jails and labor camps in China. In this program, the new attorney general Zhang Fusen proposed "four persistence and four not allowed." One of the "four not allowed" is that "abnormal deaths of Falun Gong practitioners are not allowed." We can easily see that this proposal hints at 3 points: First, there have been indeed many instances of abnormal deaths of Falun Gong practitioners in the jails and labor camps in China, seriously affecting the government's reputation and also bringing a lot of international pressure on the government. Under such pressure, the Chinese government proposed this "not allowed" motion. Second, the government wants to express its stance to outsiders and cover up the crimes it has already committed. Third, the government launched such a program in order to excuse their finding scapegoats among the law-enforcement policemen in the jails and labor camps. When necessary, it will throw out those policemen who have persecuted Dafa practitioners to death. Law-enforcement policemen, please pay attention! Don't be cannon fodder for other people. Whoever helps the tyrant commit evil will certainly come to no good end.

[Minghui Net] More Information About "A Shandong Dafa Practitioner Beaten to Death By the Police"

On February 18, Minghui Net reported in "News from China" that a Shandong Dafa practitioner was beaten to death by the police. This practitioner died at Yongan Road Inspection Station of Nanyang City. According to insiders, Yongan Road Inspection Station threw the practitioner's corpse into the sewer of the railway station in an attempt to cover up the fact and deceive people. They hoped that someone would find the corpse and report it to police. Two days later, the case had yet to be reported to police. Thus, the police had no choice but to concoct a shell game. They found several people to fish out the practitioner's corpse, take photographs, and then give false witness by saying that the practitioner deliberately drowned himself. After January 15 of the Lunar Calendar, the corpse was sent to a cremation station and was immediately cremated. They blocked the relevant news in fear of being exposed.

[Beijing City] Dafa Banners Wave Above the Headquarters of the Armed Police in Beijing

One Dafa practitioner heard from a cab driver when chatting with him that recently Dafa banners were waving high above the Headquarters of the Armed Police in Beijing.

[Beijing City] The Voices of Dafa Shake Beijing City Once Again

On February 16, Dafa practitioners acted jointly again. They placed 12 high-volume speakers to broadcast the truth of Dafa in some residential buildings and beside some main streets in Xisanqi, Qinghe, Beishatan, Asian Sports Village, and Sanlihe. They set these speakers to broadcast at 8 o'clock in the evening simultaneously, awakening the people once again.

[China] Policeman Says That On December 27 of the Lunar Calendar, He Already Knew In Advance That Some People Would Set Themselves on Fire On Tiananmen Square

In a Falun Gong Transformation Class, a policeman said that he would disclose a top-secret information to us first-hand: on December 27 of the Lunar Calendar, he had already heard from a very high ranked officials that some people would go to Tiananmen Square to set themselves on fire, and that the preparation has been very carefully made. He told us this news on the night of February 6, and he also said that the International Human Rights Organization will very likely come to investigate, but the self-immolation case is true.

[Kaifeng City, Henan Province] News From Kaifeng City, Henan Province

Carrying out the order from a higher authority, Kaifeng police interrogated every passenger at the entrance of railway stations to intercept Dafa practitioners. If a passenger replied that he or she was not a Dafa practitioner, he or she had to step on the photo of Teacher Li to enter the railway station; otherwise he or she would be immediately taken away. Besides, Kaifeng police questioned residents from door to door whether their family members or relatives were Falun Gong practitioners, if there were Falun Gong practitioners, the police would take prompt actions.

[Wancheng City, Henan Province] The Police in Wancheng City, Henan Province Who Have Persecuted Du Xu To Death Continue to Commit Crimes

My father, my mother, Wang Fengqin, and I are all Dafa practitioners.

On January 24 of the Lunar Calendar, at about 11 o'clock in the evening, around 20 people from Wancheng branch of the public security bureau, Huancheng police sub-station, Jianxi police sub-station, and Dashi public security bureau ransacked my house. The police forcibly removed all the furniture to check to see if there was something buried underneath. The household articles were scattered all over the place, the furniture was dismantled for check-up, and even the tiles on the rooftop were taken down to be checked. The ransacking lasted for over 5 hours from 11 pm until 5 am the next day. The police forcibly took away private property, audio players, and all those things they thought suspicious. They said that they were just taking those things, but in reality they were robbing us. It was just like the beating, smashing and looting during the Great Cultural Revolution. All my neighbors were annoyed so much that they could not rest all night. At the time, only my 60-year-old mother, my younger brother and his wife were at home. The police forcibly took away my mother and detained her at the Second Detention Center of Nanyang City under the charge of "maintaining illicit relations with a foreign country." To date they have refused to let any of her relatives visit her. My father has been listed as wanted by the police and a reward offered for whoever turns him in. My father and I currently have become destitute and homeless and have to wander about. Police vehicles have been at the door of my house 24 hours a day. I am also worried about my mother's current condition, and I don't have any information about her status. I want to appeal to all the kind people and the international community to help stop the police from continuing to commit crimes and persecute Dafa practitioners.

The address of the Second Detention Center of Nanyang City: Hanzhixi Lane 62, Nanyang City, phone: 86-377-3227335.

[Beijing] Bajiao Police Station of Shijingshan District Arrest Two Dafa Practitioners without Any Reason

At about 9 pm on February 18, Bajiao Police Station of Shijingshan District, Beijing arrested two Dafa practitioners, Piao Lihua and Hao Yuqin, without any reason. During the process of being arrested, these two female practitioners risked their lives to safeguard the Fa. Seven or eight police brutally beat them up, pulled their underwear, which were nearly stripped off. At Shijingshan Bajiao Police Station, ten police besieged Hao Yuqin, and brutally beat her. The policewoman, Wang Hong, placed Piao Lihua under surveillance even when she went to the bathroom. They were not allowed any human rights at all. The whereabouts of these two Dafa practitioners are currently unknown.

On February 18, the whole family of Dafa practitioner Wang Hong, from Lugu, Shijingshan District, Beijing, both old and young alike, were forcibly arrested without any reason. Amongst them, Wang Hong's husband, a non-practitioner, was arrested as well simply because he tried to stop the arresting. The police claimed that what they were doing was to prevent anything that will interfere the upcoming human rights conference and the application for hosting the 2008 Olympic Games. There are police working at the selected spots at night.

On the night of February 19, police questioned all the passers-by at bus stations and lane and street crossings in Shijingshan District. They held up traffic to search people and their bags. Complaints were heard everywhere against such an act restricting people's freedom simply for the human rights conference and the application for hosting the Olympics?!

[Beijing] I See with My Own Eyes the Inhumane Crimes in Xicheng District Detention Center

On November 13, 2000, I went to Beijing, to Tiananmen to safeguard the Fa, and was then arrested and sent to Xicheng District Detention Center by police.

The policemen forced us to squat on the ground. Armed police and other police carried electric batons and rubber clubs in their hands and besieged the 20 Dafa practitioners. All of them faced us with hatred in their eyes. Doctors examined the blood pressure and the heartbeats of Dafa practitioners one after another. After the examination, we were sent to different wards.

When I was taken to a hallway and passed the second door, I heard continuous miserable crying from inside the room. When passing the third door, two policemen pulled out a male practitioner, who had been beaten to unconsciousness. Another male practitioner was then pushed into the room to be interrogated. I heard only a few words in the hallway. A policeman asked him, "Will you give us your address? If not, you will meet the same fate as he did!" Passing another couple of doors, I went into a female ward. I still could hear the miserable crying from the interrogation room. There were 15 or 16 Dafa practitioners in the female ward. All of these practitioners' noses were bruised and their faces swollen. They told me that according to the examination, those practitioners who suffered from high blood pressure or heart disease would not be shocked with electric batons, but simply beaten.

[Nanyang City, Henan Province] Many Practitioners Are Arrested during the Process of Validating Dafa

During the Spring Festival, more than 10 Dafa practitioners from Nanyang, Henan Province were arrested from their homes when they verified the Fa in Beijing. While being escorted back to Nanyang, these practitioners raised their cuffed hands at the train station, shouting, "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is righteous!" Shocked by their awe-inspiring righteousness, the people nearby couldn't help saying, "They are so great!"

A policeman (whose last name is Wang) is in charge of dealing with Falun Gong in Nanyang and has committed all kinds of crimes such as extorting money and illegally detaining and beating Dafa practitioners over the past year. Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil! Recently he was diagnosed with cancer. All the kindhearted people please wake up and think about your own future. Please treat Falun Gong practitioners kindly!

During the Spring Festival, at least 100 Dafa practitioners were illegally detained in Nanyang City. Most of them have never been to Beijing. This tyranny exposes the fear of Jiang Zemin and his followers, and exposes the lies claiming, "Do not arrest those who didn't go to Beijing!

The head of Nanyang Dafa Assistance Center, Ya Shuanhua (a vice-director of a cultural center) was illegally detained, and his personal freedom was and is currently restrained because he stated that anything he ever did against Dafa were now invalid. Furthermore, he disclosed that the local government created a false report through editing and rearranging his speech for TV, and then using this as evidence to slander Dafa.

[Beijing] Dafa Practitioners from The Ministry of Agriculture and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences Are Sent to Transformation Classes

During the Spring Festival, two Dafa practitioners from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences were forcibly sent to Cadre Administrative Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture in Changping County. Zhang Kuilin and Du Xiaoming were in charge of transforming them. They have not come back yet.

One of these two practitioners had wandered about on the streets because the Ministry of Agriculture plotted to send him to Tuanhe to be transformed; so the plot failed twice. Unfortunately when he went back home to get money, officials of The Ministry of Agriculture forcibly arrested him from home.

[Zhangbei County, Hebei Province] Authorities Take Practitioner's Relative as Hostage

The chief of Zhangbei County and the chief of police sub-station went to the work unit of practitioner Zhang Zhongfei's elder brother (a non-practitioner) and arrested him. They later transferred Zhang's brother to Zhangbei police station and illegally detained him as a hostage to threaten Zhang Zhongfei. An insider suggests that the police forced Zhang's brother to guide them to Beijing in an attempt to arrest Zhang Zhongfei.

[Yongzhou City, Hunan Province] 14 Practitioners Are Detained at Lengshuitan Detention Center

Fourteen practitioners including Lu Jinzhi are detained at Lengshuitan District Detention Center in Yongzhou city, Hunan province.

[Yutianyuan County, Hebei Province] Police Inhumanly Torture Former County Official Practitioners

Liu Liangmin is about 60 years old. He was an official working at a township government of Yutian County in Hebei Province. After Liu began to practice Falun Gong, he worked diligently and never accepted any extra benefits from either the government or people who asked for his help. After April 25, 1999, the town government ransacked his house, tailed him and detained him. Many times Liu and his wife were locked in a large iron cage for over ten days each time. The local police substation chief, Liu Hai, had other policemen beat them and used different means to torture them. The torture left many bruises and wounds on Liu Liangmin's and his wife's bodies.

At Yutian County, anyone who had previously practiced Falun Gong will be tailed and treated like criminals (like those "black five categories" in Cultural Revolution). Many other practitioners have also been locked in large iron cages, just like Liu Liangmin.

Phone of police substation: (86) (315) 642 7110

[Hunan Province] Practitioner Huang Aijun Is Sentenced to Labor Camp

Practitioner Huang Aijun was sentenced to a labor camp.

[Beijing] A Pharmacist Expresses His Suspicion About "Self-Immolation" Affair

In a hospital, a pharmacist was talking to a friend, "One of our hospital staff went to Tiananmen square. He was detained for five days simply because he refused to slander people. The police suspected that he was Falun Gong practitioner. If he really were a Falun Gong practitioner, the situation would have been worse (meaning that he would be detained longer and probably be tortured). Now I believe the government fabricated the self-immolation affair to make excuses for its suppression of Falun Gong."

[China] A Talk Between Two Policemen

Policeman A: "Nowadays, everything can be faked, only Falun Gong is real."

Policeman B: "Self-immolation is a fake, but Jiang Zemin's deceiving the people is real."

Policeman A: "That over 130 Falun Gong practitioners were beaten to death is real; the TV news is fake."

[Anshan City, Liaoning Province] Names of Vicious Policemen

Names of policemen of Anshan city, Liaoning province:

Cui Yushan works at Yongle police substation, Anshan city, Liaoning province. Cui persecuted Dafa practitioners inhumanly. His behavior had been publicized on "Minghui" before.

Office phone: (86) (412) 8812360

Home phone: (86) (412) 8817702

Wang Jian is the director of Section 1 of Anshan City Public Security Bureau. He is responsible for persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. He is directly responsible for the vicious actions at Anshan city area.

Office phone: (86) (412) 5534753, 5550016

Home phone: (86) (412) 2246666

Yao Deguang was the former department chief of Tiedong Political Security Department. He was promoted to chief of Shengli police sub-station for his contribution in persecuting Falun Gong.

Office phone: (86) (412) 2228120

Home phone: (86) (412) 2239367

Kang Kai works in Section 1 of Anshan City Public Security Bureau. When he was beating Dafa practitioners, he acted like a madman. He has cruelly tortured almost all the practitioners arrested.

Pager: (86) (412) 96088 41200230

[Shenzhou City, Hebei Province] Contact Information of Departments And People Responsible for Persecuting Falun Dafa Practitioners

Some contact information of those departments and people responsible for persecuting Dafa practitioners:

  • Shenzhou city detention center: (86) (318) 3312136
  • Yin Yuzhen is a member of "610 office" and the general secretary of Politics and Law Committee of Shenzhou city. Office phone (86) (318) 3312725, home phone: (86) (318) 3310166
  • Ji Jie is a member of "610 office" and deputy general secretary of Politics and Law Committee of Shenzhou city. Home phone: (86) (318) 3316203
  • Shang Yunhang is a member of "610 Office" and the chief of Political Security Department of Shenzhou city. Home phone: (86) (318) 3315858
  • Niu Wenhai is the person responsible for persecuting Falun Gong in Police Station. Home phone: (86) (318) 3315668


No.2 Squadron of No.4 Brigade of Forced Labor Camp of Hebei Province: phone (86) (311) 7777689 ext 666