[Beijing] Police Sexually Abused Female Practitioners

There are over a thousand Dafa practitioners being held in a detention center of the police department not far away from Maizidi, Beijing. The policemen forced Dafa practitioners to accept "transformation" and write a "repentance letter" to defame Falun Dafa and the Teacher. Those unwavering Dafa practitioners were cruelly beaten. Here is what they did to the elderly female practitioners - they tore off all their clothes, tied up their hands and feet, put them outside in the severe cold weather and severely beat. Single young women had even more beastly treatment to endure. The police tore off all their clothes, tied up their hands and feet, put them in the severe cold weather, and burned their private parts with cigarette butts. The scene was too horrible to witness. They tortured those unwavering Dafa practitioners with all kinds of horrible, unspeakable means. Their shouting and swearwords towards Dafa practitioners could be heard everyday.

[Shandong Province] Practitioners Placed Speakers on Busy Streets to Broadcast the Truth

Around February 1st [January 9th in Chinese Lunar Calendar] of 2001, Falun Dafa practitioners, in order to broadcast the Dafa information tapes, placed several loudspeakers in city parks and busy streets. The wicked forces were scared. They intensified the crackdown and announced that whoever could catch a practitioner putting up the loudspeakers would get an award of 60,000 Yuan [about $7,500]. Another round of harassment and denunciation has arrived.

[Xingtai City, Hebei Province] New Rounds of Cracking Down on Falun Gong Began

From February 6, the vicious forces of the city started a new round of terror to suppress Falun Gong. More than a dozen buses, cars from police stations, police substations and some enterprises and companies went on a parade with drums and gongs along several main streets. There were different kinds of colored flags and posters on the vehicles which read: "Expose and criticize Falun Gong." This is another round of the ruffians' actions that violate the laws. This had very bad effect among the masses. It reminded people of the grim times of the Cultural Revolution. The residents of the city felt anxious. We appeal to all social circles and all kind-hearted people to pay attention to this matter and try to stop it in time.

[Northern China] Taxi Driver: "Falun Gong is Good!"

Once, three practitioners took a taxi in a city of Northern China. The taxi driver complained about the high costs of medicine now. Then he said, "Who cares any more about working for the benefit of our citizens? What have the manners and morals of our time come to? Whenever officials have a little bit of authority, all they do is making money for themselves. They are always claiming Falun Gong is bad. If so, why did the practitioners not leave even a piece of paper and a cigarette end (he didn't know Falun Dafa practitioners don't smoke) when they were at Zhongnanhai [China Central Government Compound] on April 5th, 1999? Could the officials behave like that? The only thing they know is making money, making money. Nothing else. I would say they are doing bad things. I am sure that they faked the Tiananmen self-immolation incident. They are trying to slander Falun Gong. The reason why the moral is declining like that is because the citizens confuse right and wrong."

He continued, "Falun Gong is great. There was a 'Falun Gong is Good' sign on a bridge. Do you believe it? If not, I will take you there to take a look and see for yourself."

The practitioners smiled to each other with understanding.

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Two Practitioners on Verge of Death

As she was distributing truth materials at Sichuan University, Ni Yuehua, a retired cadre of Chengdu City Labor Re-Education Bureau, was detained by the director of Security Department of Sichuan University . Now she is imprisoned in a jail at Ningxia Street of Chengdu City. Ni is over 60 years old and suffered from stomach cancer before practicing Falun Gong. It is Dafa that gave her a second chance for life. After she was imprisoned under extremely harsh condition, she has been unable to eat. It has already been 40 days since her incarceration. Her life is in extreme danger.

Liu Hui, female, 29 years old, a primary school teacher in Chengdu City, was detained on February 6th for clarifying the truth to public. She was also detained in the Ningxia Street jail where she went on a hunger strike right after the arrest. The inhumane police did not try to save her life, instead, they put on her an over 50-lb torture instrument. As more than 50 practitioners in the jail, who were all detained by Chengdu City police without any cause on January 18th, were ready to be on a hunger strike to protest, the police had to take off the torture instrument from Liu. Liu has a four-year-old child. Her husband was working as a driver in another area and could not take care of their little son. Because Liu was viciously tortured in jail, she still cannot eat anything. Her life is in danger.

Hereby, we hope all kindhearted people in the world, all governments and organizations stay aware and take note of the situations of Ms. Ni and Ms. Liu and try to save their lives.

[Sichuan Province] Since Spring Festival, Many Practitioners Detained

The vicious forces were very cruel in a certain county of Sichuan Province. Since the beginning of the Spring Festival, they began to detain Dafa practitioners. Twenty to thirty practitioners were detained without any formal procedures. Four people were sent to labor camps. In order to clarify the truth to the public in this area, beginning on New Year's Day, practitioners distributed a lot of Dafa materials. They hung up Dafa banners in tree branches and on electrical poles. The banners read: "Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa." After the county police discovered that, they illegally detained practitioners and searched their homes. Twenty practitioners were unlawfully detained for a month. Four practitioners have not been released. They were first detained for 15 days and then were put into a detention center for one month. After their temporary release for 3 days, they were detained again and sent to a labor camp. Some of them were not freed, even though the detention term had expired. They were forced to write the "repentance statement" and "guarantee statement" [to say that they are sorry that they practiced Falun Dafa and will not do it in the future; and guarantee that they will not go to Beijing to appeal]. A few practitioners could not bear the persecution and wrote the statements. But even after that, they were still not freed. They were continuously pressured to disclose information and denounce Falun Gong to contribute to the suppression of Falun Gong.

Practitioners' phone calls were tapped and they were tailed when they ventured outdoors. The "authorities" constantly searched practitioners' homes. Recently, another 5 practitioners were detained illegally. In order to avoid persecution, one practitioner had to leave home.

[Jiangsu Province] Practitioners Detained During Spring Festival Still Not Freed

Ten female practitioners who were illegally detained during the Spring Festival are still in detention in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. They were required to stay in one room with police officers, totaling over 30 people in the room.

Practitioners promote Dafa collectively in Suining County, Jiangsu Province. The local government dispatched a lot of police to suppress the practitioners' activities. Recently, they increased the police force. (Perhaps something happened, details are under investigation.)

[Benxi City, Liaoning Province] Practitioners in Ajialing Detention Center Suffered Brutal Beatings

We are Dafa practitioners who are illegally detained in Ajialing Detention Center. We got up to practice last night. Upon learning about this, policeman Wu Xiaoguang intruded into our cells, jumped on the beds and started to beat more than ten of our Dafa practitioners. Some were beaten so brutally that they bled from the mouth. Wu Xiaoguang pulled one practitioner's hair to throw her onto the bed. When this practitioner stood up, Wu Xiaoguang kicked her and heavily slammed her head against the wall. Then Wu grasped a white-haired elderly practitioner and threw her head against the bed. Later, he slapped a woman on the face several times and threw her to the ground, viciously pulling her hair, and threw her to the ground again when she tried to sit up. Wu said: " I don't care about going to hell." His brutal crime of abuse lasted for two hours.

According to the law of P.R. China, the police cannot abuse, beat or mistreat any prisoner. As a policeman, Wu Xiaoguang violated the law while executing it. We appeal to the whole society for a fair judgment.

Wu Xiaoguang's home phone: 86-414-2816744

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] After A Long Time on the Run, Dafa Practitioner Wu Guichun Arrested

Practitioner Wu Guichun, female, over 40 years old, was arrested at about 10 AM on February 17, after her 4-month of persecution-caused wandering life. Her arrest might be due to the illegal monitoring of her home phone.

Since the beginning of the persecution against Dafa practitioners, Wu Guichun went to Beijing to bravely validate Dafa. Unfortunately, she was caught. The first time, she was detained in Wuhan Female Jail. During those days, she did not give in to the evil forces, despite various kinds of tortures and punishments. She was released after one month. Since her release, she kept on validating Dafa even more diligently.

After the October 1 National Day of 2000, the police identified her as a key practitioner. She had to leave home and hide. But the wicked did not leave the case alone. They often went to her home to threaten her family. They robbed her of her printers and computers from her self-run copying and typing store, which was her livelihood. Despite all that, she still firmly "walks her own way."

After the self-immolation incident, Wuhan City launched large-scale arrests of Dafa practitioners. Hereby, we hope that the international Human Rights Organizations can help us and support us.

[Yongzhou City, Hunan Province] Partial Name List of Dafa Practitioners Sent to Labor Camps

The name list of practitioners in Yongzhou City who were sent to labor camp:

Female: Xiao Minhua, Luo Zhiying, Wu Caiping, Tang Shu'e, Liu Manjiao, Xiong Manjiao, Zhu Yongxiu, Li Shulin, Yang Sanchun, Ouyang Fengxia, Hu Shuifeng.

Male: Zhou Wenxuan, Liu Tuiqun, Luo Yingdong, Yang Baoshi.

Lu Jinzhi, who is detained in Dong'an County Detention Center of Yongzhou City, has several times been beaten into unconsciousness. Over ten female practitioners, including Zhao Chunzhuang, Zhang Dongyun, Tang Yumei, Zhang Laixiu and Tang Dongmei, have been detained in Lengshuitan District Detention Center since last December. There are nine practitioners in Zhishan District Detention Center. Jiang Laisheng, who is from Qiyang County, and other practitioners are detained in Shuangpai County.

Tang Fuzhi who comes from Ningyuan County has been fined 13,000 Yuan for appealing in Beijing. Another two practitioners have been fined 17,000 Yuan; still another two practitioners have been fined 2,000 Yuan. There are still two practitioners under detention. Xiao Xinyuan and Xie Zhongliang, who come from Lengshuitan Flour Factory, were fined 10,000 Yuan and 4,000 Yuan respectively.

[Yantai City, Shandong Province] Yantai Set Up "Special Case Groups" to Find Dafa Practitioners on the Run

Yaitai City of Shandong Province intensified the persecution towards Dafa practitioners. First, they distributed the so-called blacklist to catch over 50 firm Dafa practitioners who left their homes to avoid persecution. They set up "special case groups" for each individual Dafa practitioner. These "special case groups" are mainly responsible for catching the Dafa practitioner they have been assigned to within ten days. Their achievements are directly connected to their bonus payments and promotions. Once they catch one, they should "transform" one. They would molest, pester and coerce relatives and friends of Dafa practitioners and would resort to any indecent method to achieve their goal. They will not call it an end until they find all the practitioners and are really acting like madmen.

Meanwhile, they will arrest and transform those whom they consider to be "backbones" for Falun Dafa and who have refused many times to be "transformed," as well as those who went to Beijing to appeal many times. Many Dafa practitioners were forced to leave their homes. In addition, the local residence committee will go from door to door asking people to sign their names on anti-Dafa documents. Even middle schools and primary schools organized students for signature drives or "anti X education" [slanderous word omitted] activities, etc.

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Colleges to Open "Transformation Classes"

A college in Guangzhou just held a meeting and said every college was to set up a special group to deal with Falun Gong and would open a "transformation class" in the near future.

According to inside information from Guangdong Police, the intensity of persecuting Falun Gong will be further increased.

[Jining City, Shandong Province] New Round of Illegal and Massive Arrest of Dafa Practitioners

News from Jining City says the city has already illegally and massively arrested Dafa practitioners. Dafa practitioner You Limin, female, 46-year-old, was arrested by police five days ago. The situation of other detained practitioners is not known yet.

Yantai City of Shandong Province will arrest and transform Dafa practitioners soon.

[China] Jiang Zemin Forces Every Individual Military Personnel to Write Guarantee Statement

Recently, in order to save his already failed fate, Jiang Zemin forced every individual military personnel to write guarantee statement not to practice Falun Gong.

[Yiyang City, Hunan Province] Dafa Practitioners Sentenced to Labor Re-Education

Guo Mingkui, male, 39-year-old, resident of Zhoujiazui, Jiechengdi village, Changchun town, Yiyang City of Hunan Province, was sentenced to 2 years in a labor camp and was sent to Changsha City.

Guo Mingkui's wife, He Liqun, 38-year-old, was sentenced to 1.5 years in a labor camp and was sent to Zhuzhou City.

Chai Cuiying, female, resident of Nanhutuo, Changchun town of Yiyang City, was sentenced to 1.5 years in a labor camp.

Bu Jianming, male, 35-year-old, resident of Yiyang City, was sentenced to 3 years in a labor camp in Changsha City.