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At the end of December 2000, I escaped from my home, which was monitored by the government, and went to Beijing. I intended to contact practitioners from my hometown to plan to appeal together in Tiananmen Square. Due to various circumstances, we lost contact with each other. So, on January 1, 2001, I went to Tiananmen Square looking for them. On that day, the dust in the air blocked the Sun, fog was everywhere; police vehicles were parked all everywhere, and there were more plainclothes police than tourists in the Square. I walked back and forth in the crowd and saw many small groups of practitioners fearlessly raising their banners or distributing leaflets. They seemed like numerous golden lights shining in the darkest night.

Upon returning to the place where I lived, I regained contact with local practitioners. They told me that the situation in Beijing was very serious and vicious and they were shorthanded, so they asked me to stay with them and clarify the truth to the public with them. During that period of time, an atmosphere of stark terror pervaded the whole Capital. Changan Street [Note: a main street crossing Tiananmen Square) was full of police vehicles, and they had even increased the number of policemen patrolling all the alleys.

It is said that over 100,000 Dafa practitioners appealed on Tiananmen Square around the New Year, I was tremendously encouraged by their brave behavior. After that, I met many Dafa practitioners who had just been released from detention centers after being arrested in Tiananmen Square. What really made me admire them was that they disregarded their wounds, didn't wait for any treatment, and immediately resumed the action of clarifying the truth.

I traveled to several different places to share experiences, and learned that the persecution from the central to local governments became more and more serious; the number of practitioners who were being arrested and detained increased tremendously. Within the short time of one month, the number of practitioners who were beaten to death by policemen and government rose from 90 to over 150. At this moment, some practitioners called me and nervously told me that the police from such and such province had signed a warrant to arrest me anywhere in the province, and others told me that the warrant was nationwide and asked me to be careful. For security, several practitioners around me tried to send me to a safer place and made great efforts to contact practitioners in other places who might help me. At this moment, I thought over the issue with a calm heart and asked fellow practitioners not to worry about me and not to be driven by the matter itself; we should continue to do what we are supposed to do. Regardless of how hard the evil forces slander, cheat, and threat, one determined heart can suppress ten thousand interferences.

Moreover, our cultivation is not only individual cultivation, but also assisting Teacher's Fa-rectifying process. Therefore, it is not only lucky to be part of this, but also solemn and remarkable. What attachment can we not let go to devote all our hearts to do what we are supposed to do? Many practitioners have done many things for Dafa to different extents. However, I think there exists big differences in how much effort was given and what kind of mentality we had when doing things. For instance, in order to accumulate enough money for the trip to Beijing for validating Fa and clarifying the truth, some practitioners sold their electric appliances, belongings, and even houses, losing jobs and income. One practitioners even sold the last valuable thing in his home which was a stamp, and use the money to make copies of materials clarifying the truth. Even though the matter is trivial, this person's sincerity can move the heavens. When facing the hopeless situation of family broken up, some practitioners even walked to Beijing to validate Dafa; their loyalty to Teacher and Dafa can move the Heaven and Earth. Except for those who are completely evil, anyone who has even a trace of goodwill would be moved by this show of sincerity.

However, I learned that some practitioners still used some excuses to hide their attachments and failed to step forward. Although some stepped out, they still had all kind of hesitations, worrying about this and that. Some were still attached to the mentality of gaining profit and had become complacent, showing off how good they were. Actually these attitudes are not correct. Without Teacher's enduring such great hardship and promoting Fa in the world, how could we be saved? All of our cultivation energies and accomplishment come from Dafa; Teacher initiates all of these for us.

I want specifically to point out to those who still fail to step forward, or wrote repentance statements: if they cannot change or take back their statements, once the opportunity is missed, it will be too late to regret. Just as one practitioner was enlightened: once the truth is revealed, practitioners who succeed in cultivation go home with Teacher, those who cannot go home kneel down in front of Teacher and firmly embrace Teacher's legs and cry, "Teacher, give me another chance!" Teacher shakes his head and says nothing.... Therefore, we should do what the Teaching has stated: "Eliminate your last attachment(s). Everything you have accomplished through cultivation practice has already established your infinitely wonderful, and sacred, future Attainment Status. Take every step well, and don't tarnish what you have already attained. Let the part of you that has been fully cultivated glow with an even purer brilliance."

As a particle of Dafa, only by purely and genuinely cultivating ourselves and following Teacher's rectifying Fa are we worthy of Dafa's spreading and Teacher's benevolent salvation.

Veteran Dafa practitioner from Mainland China