On February 8, 2001, Hao Wenshuai, the director of the Dalian City Labor Camp, convened a "Transformation Motivation Meeting" aimed at all Dafa practitioners. Before the meeting, rules were announced. Not only would there be no talking during the meeting, but there would be no opportunity for discussion, no questions were to be allowed, and no one could attempt to refute anything that was said. Practitioners must sit upright and no bathroom breaks would be allowed, etc. During the Hao Wenshuai's speech, a policeman suddenly pulled practitioner Chen Jiafu from his seat and beat him badly. Zhang Baolin, the deputy director, slapped Chen's face using both hands, and beat Chen's head very badly. Hao shouted from the stage, "Make him kneel down!" Many police then forced Chen to kneel down and handcuffed him until the meeting ended 2 hours later. Even that was not enough. Zhang Baolin then ordered Chen's team leader to "Go back and take care of him!" What was the cause of so much anger and beating? Chen had apparently dozed off while sitting in his seat.

Deputy director Zhang Baolin regularly abuses practitioners verbally, and has beaten others besides Chen. During an informal discussion with Dafa practitioners, a practitioner laughed. Zhang ordered him to stand up, threw a book at him, and shouted curses at him.

In another informal discussion, a practitioner talked about his true thoughts. Enraged at this practitioner's firm determination to practice Falun Dafa, Zhang said, "If you were sitting beside me right now, I would beat you badly!" (At that moment, the practitioner was sitting in the rear of the room.) He also threatened to punish the practitioners by extending their sentences, overburdening them with a heavy work load, and using electric batons to shock them, etc.

Dalian Labor Camp was recognized as the national "Civilized Labor Camp." In Jiang Zemin's China, where words lose their meaning and everything is turned upside down, this award honors law enforcement officers who openly violate the law, humiliating and persecuting Dafa practitioners without regard for life or simple human decency. Their conduct is no different from what the fascists did in the Nazi concentration camps.

All the kind-hearted people please call on international human rights organizations to pay attention to this issue.

February 13, 2001