I still remember the na ve voices of these little kids. They are mischievous and innocent, while I, the adult, tend to be dreary. They are very playful, sometimes pulling my face, sometimes climbing on my back and sitting on my shoulder. They are little Dafa practitioners- my little fellow practitioners!

I'm always moved by these little, mischievous friends when they read Zhuan Falun with their clear, pure voices. So innocent they are! I feel shameful compared with their innocence and purity. By comparison, the voice of my reading of the Fa is a mess and mixed with various feelings and desires.

At the moment when these children were reciting the poems one by one in Hongyin (the poetry of our teacher) and this boundless Fa is being melted into their hearts, I realized again my defects and would like to express my sincere gratitude to these little fellow practitioners.

I remember that in the afternoon of Feb. 11th, we brought with us many little kids and went to Zhongzheng Commemoration Hall to practice, Hongfa [ Note: the Chinese term for spreading Dafa to people], and tell the truth of Dafa. We have brought Dafa introductions and balloons with us and turned on the music "Pu Du"[Note: Dafa music, it maybe translated to "Salvation"]

Each person carried several balloons with the big characters "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" and "Falun Dafa" on each balloon. Perhaps it created a chance for their future cultivation if pedestrians who looked at the balloons felt moved. Some couldn't stay to read the free handout materials, but exclaimed, "Oh, Falun Dafa! Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance!"

Such remarks appeared continuously. Righteous thoughts are spreading among the public. The music "Pu Du" led all of us onward. These children gave their balloons as presents to other children passing by. Nobody knows what a kind of relationships and promises are fulfilled among them when they met and held the balloons with the characters "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance". A little girl came over to ask for a balloon, however it sounded to me as "I want to practice cultivation!" Even this mere thought can shake the world of ten directions.

The children stood in the plaza- no noise and no argument! They began to practice the five sets of exercises of Falun Dafa with the music playing while we adults handed out Dafa introduction materials. Many curious people were watching them and wondering what those children were doing. I immediately gave a copy of Dafa introduction to them. One child wanted to stay and watch the practice with his mom. A Canadian said he wanted to learn Falun Dafa for quite a while but couldn't find it until he came to Taiwan.

Many foreigners stood by and watched us. Some remarked: "Falun Gong is very powerful. Look at these energetic children, how quiet and lovely they are when they sat still and mediated together." At this moment, the lies from Chinese authorities are washed away. The surrounding field of righteousness doesn't allow any room for the existence of evil.

One hour was over! One child shouted with laughter: "Oh, it is painful!" Everybody laughed. Then we left along with the music. All these children were very happy and didn't think about what they have done for today, they just did it. Our teacher says: "Doing but not pursuing - Always abide in the Tao." (From a poem by our teacher: In the Tao), which inspires me yet again.

For those little practitioners, Going to Zhongzheng Commemoration Hall is no different than going to Tiananmen Square. Wherever they go, they all practice and promote Dafa with their own, pure nature. Without the hindrance of adult mentality, these little practitioners are very lucky. I become enlightened to the idea that all of us are actually children within the Dafa, the only differences are our attachments and mentalities. If we, as particles of Dafa, can let go of all these mentalities formed in human society and step forward with joy and purity like these children, then this will radiate the purest rays from us no matter where we are.

Perhaps you are an adult, I am a young man, and he is an elderly in this human world. However we are all children in the universe, just as kids, it doesn't matter you and me. We are all the children of the universe. Let's all go home together, OK? Please never have our teacher slandered? Please don't have other children (I'm referring to the practitioners, especially in China) suffering with tribulations while waiting for us. Please don't play with mud any more in this human society! We are the children from the universe and should go back to our heavenly home.

A practitioner in Taiwan

Feb. 13th, 2001