After sending out some Dafa materials to some professors, we received invitations from some of them inviting us to introduce Falun Dafa at their campuses. The first professor who sent the invitation letter is professor S from Kentucky Centre College. He specializes in the study of religion. After we received his letter, professor Lu of our practice group contacted him and gave him some detailed information about the persecution in China. Professor S showed his deep sympathy and told us that he would try his best to organize the Falun gong discussion forum so that more American people would support the practitioners in China.

The college gave a lot of attention to this activity because of the professor's effort. They donated $500 towards the expenses for this activity. The vice- president of the college attended the discussion.

It was decided that the forum would be held at 8:00 PM on Jan 24th. The dinner started at 7:00 PM. In addition to the vice-president and professor S, there were two other Americans who practice Qigong attended the meeting. They raised many questions regarding Falun Dafa and cultivation during the dinner. They were very satisfied, and felt that they had learned a lot after we answered each question.

The forum was held at the small auditorium of the college. At the entrance we set up posters, which displayed the pictures of the Chinese government persecuting Falun gong practitioners. We put Dafa materials and letters for collecting signatures on a table. We started with a general introduction of Dafa, and listed the detailed numbers of practitioners who have been persecuted. This was followed by showing the video "Falun Gong: The Real Story". One practitioner explained while two other practitioners demonstrated the five sets of exercises. The students asked questions and we patiently answered each of them. The atmosphere of the discussion was very friendly. . All of the students expressed their sympathy to the practitioners and showed their interest in the exercises. After the discussion, many students signed their names on the letter and asked where they could learn the exercises.

We gave professor S, the vice- president, and some other guests the Falun gong books and the exercise teaching video. They were very happy. One of them even said that he would read the book "China Falun Gong" overnight. At the end, professor S and the vice- president expressed their gratitude once again. The vice- president said: " Falun gong is so good. I will give it a try."

It was already 10:00 PM by the time we left the college. Doctor Viviana had to drive 5 hours to get back; and he had to work the next day. However, we were all very happy to help them learn the truth about Dafa and better position themselves for the future.

Practitioners from Cincinnati

Feb 14th, 2001