Since being released from jail, I have become destitute and homeless for nearly one month. Now I am staying at a fellow practitioner's home that is not in my hometown. The only hope that I have is to double my efforts in helping our Teacher with the Fa rectification in order to make up the six months that I spent detained by the evil forces for no reason.

The Lantern Festival was on February 7, 2001. Three practitioners and myself decided to hang Dafa banners in my hometown in order to suffocate the evil and help Master rectify the Fa.

Beginning at 8pm, all four of us set out in the severe cold to walk to my hometown, which was about 20 kilometers away. We hung up banners reading, "Falun Dafa is Righteous ", "Zhen-Shan-Ren is the Universal Dafa" along the highways. In order to let as many people as possible see the truth and eradicate the evil, a Dafa disciple climbed a huge willow tree and hung a four-meter long banner from the top of it.

We came to a section of the highway where there were no trees to be found on either side of the highway, there was only one street light pole where the town government's Vice-Secretary's house was located nearby. However, we did not hesitate or become fearful because our thoughts were righteous and our purpose was clear---we wanted to tell the common people the truth from the bottom of our hearts. As we prepared to hang the banner, the Secretary came out of his house. When he saw us, he appeared to be afraid. He did not raise his head and he turned around in a hurry. He pretended that he did not see us hanging our banner and quickly went back into his house shutting the door behind him...

At around 10pm, there were a lot of people that were watching the fireworks and lanterns. The wind was blowing strong, which twisted the banner's corner to one side. We worried that the villagers would not be able to read it clearly, so we used bamboo poles to keep the banner straight. We made sure that it was centered before we left.

The next day, some practitioners passed around the following news: People in the town were discussing the astonishing scene on the highway last night. Many of them said: "Falun Gong (practitioners) are really great! They are so wise and capable!" The banners appeared in many large and small intersections during that night.

A Dafa disciple from Hebei Province

February, 9, 2001