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Persecution of Falun Dafa in Rushan City in the Weihai area of Shandong Province started in July of 1999 and has continued ever since. The number of practitioners held in detention buildings and prisons there has reached several hundreds. The police department has conducted illegal sentencing, labor education, imprisonment, searching of houses, monitoring, bugging, and other cruel physical torture to induce confession, such as shocking with electric batons, burning with cigarette butts, lashing with belts, and force-feeding with salt water. The atrocity of the methods are unrivaled by the Fascist invaders and those of the infamous "Scum Hole Prison" [Note: a prison from the time of the Chinese Civil War, famous for the tortures meted out by Jiang Kaishi's government to Chinese Communist Party members, then the rebels.) Nevertheless, Dafa practitioners in Rushan City continued to spread the truth, offering salvation to people with a benevolent heart, validating that Dafa is the great law of cosmos and the righteous law that can only be encountered in a thousand, even ten thousand years of time.

Cao Yuguo is an employee of Rushan Fruit Company. He was arrested in Beijing along with his wife Jiang Ping, and another practitioner called Ni Gaojian. While being escorted to Rushan City, he was kept chained to the leg of the seat on the train and kept in a squatting position for the entire journey. Back to the Police Station of Rushan City, he was again kept chained in a corridor and humiliated by passing police. After being put in prison, Cao received beatings every day to make him confess. Back in his cell after interrogation, he was bullied by the guards, and had to finish the work left before the night was out. Now he has been sentenced illegally to three years in jail. About 20,000 Yuan were taken from his person and his home, along with a motorcycle, three cell phones, and a copy machine. Now, Cao's wife Jiang Ping has been fired by her employer because of her practice of Falun Gong. Without any income, their parents and children have nothing to live on.

Yu Juan is a worker in Fuhao Leather Company in Rushan City. She was arrested on October 7, 2000 while she was at work, for giving out materials telling people the truth. She didn't cooperate with the guards in the prison, nor when she was under interrogation. She was beaten severely by Secretary Jiang Wen, Captain Yuan Yu Zhiwen, and another man named Sha. They shouted at her: "It is stated in the national law that no beating is permitted. But you have nobody to turn to even if we beat you to death." Practitioners heard the noises of beating lasting for a whole morning. Yu Juan's firmness and the guards' frenzy drove them to tears.

Yu Qinli is from Zhaiqian Village of Kouzhen Town in Rushan City. His wife Yu Shufeng was sentenced to three years of labor education in November of 2000, for giving out materials telling the truth to people. Yu Qingli himself was then under penal custody. Only their aged parents and their children are left at home. The harshness of their lives is pitiable. Nevertheless, Jiang Cuimin, director of the women's society (the chief persecutor of Dafa practitioners in the village.), often took local policemen to their home and threatened and menaced the elderly parents and the children. These persecutors show absolutely no humanity.

List of practitioners illegally sentenced to jail or labor camp by the police department in Rushan City during October and November of 2000:

One person sentenced to jail:

Cao Yuguo, male, 37, employee of Fruit Co. in Rushan City, arrested in October, 2000, sentenced to three years in jail for printing articles from Minghui net to tell people the truth.

Twelve practitioners sentenced to three years' labor education:

Li Duoji, male, 34, from Yuli Town of Rushan City, a self-employed worker, repairing instruments and meters, has been to Beijing three times. He was arrested at home on October 1, 2000, for no explicit reason.

Sui Xiangyun, male, 35, worker of Furniture Company of Rushan City, sentenced for taking part in printing materials telling people the truth.

Xu Yunlong, male, 37, worker of Sanjia Gold Mine Co. in Rushan City, sentenced for holding up a banner reading "Falun Dafa Is Good" in Tiananmen Square.

Ni Gaojian, male, 27, worker of Jinji Corporation in Rushan City, sentenced for taking part in printing materials telling people the truth.

Wang Zengzuo, male, farmer of Yuli Town in Rushan City, sentenced for giving out materials telling people the truth.

Yu Min, female, 43, employee of Transportation Company in Rushan City, sentenced for giving out materials telling people the truth.

Li Xiangrong, female, 34, self-employed worker, sentenced for going to Beijing four times to appeal.

Wang Aiqin, female, 45, self-employed worker, sentenced for giving out Dafa books to practitioners.

Yu Shufeng, female, 49, from Rushankou Town of Rushan City, sentenced for passing out materials telling people the truth.

Gong Yunxiu, female, 49, from Fengjiazhen Town of Rushan City, sentenced for going to Beijing to validate Dafa.

Duan Guina, female, 43, worker of Can Company in Rushan City, sentenced for taking part in printing materials telling people the truth.

Written on Feb 19, 2001 by practitioners on Mainland China.