[Minghui Net] We are an old couple who joined the revolution before communism took over China. We both are veteran [party name omitted] party members. We have been loyal to the party and we do whatever the party directs.

"Unfortunately", our son had believed in Falun Gong. Although after starting to practice Falun Gong our son had stopped his bad habits of smoking and drinking, and became healthier. Since practicing Falun Gong, he had become a dutiful son and was never disrespectful to us. Also due to practicing Falun Gong our son stopped making dirty money and became a model and steady worker. Since practicing Falun Gong our neighbors never called him a playboy anymore...

The list can go on and on. We always stood in agreement with the "central government" and did not accept Falun Gong. Against our will, we never had said a good word about Falun Gong. When dealing with our son, we reached out for a yard after taking an inch. We often picked on him and tried very hard to make him stop practicing Falun Gong. However, our son became gentler and more faithful to Falun Gong.

Since July 20, 1999, our son had appealed and then was arrested many times. He said he would use his legal rights to appeal to restore justice to Falun Gong. Each time when released from custody, he was very weak and thin. Whenever we had an opportunity, we worked with the government and tried to make our son change his mind. We had tried every means to lock him up at home but we were never able to lock up his heart.

Eventually, because of telling the truth to people, our son lost his job and was on the police wanted list. Police came to our house frequently and asked us about our son's whereabouts. They were under orders to arrest him. They told us to report to them right away if we heard of anything about our son. We knew our son was a good citizen and we just could not understand why they wanted to arrest him. However, we still forced ourselves to listen to the "party", to keep our integrity above our family loyalty. We hoped the government would transform and "save" our son.

In the end, the police caught our son. And then we did not hear anything about him for a few months. Because of our special status (being veteran party members), we were given permission to visit our son. On the way to the prison, we were thinking of how to persuade him to change his mind.

Finally, we saw our son. It was a very shocking scene: he had bruises all over his body; his hands and feet were locked onto the bed with cuffs and shackles. He was very weak. When he realized his parents came to see him, he opened his eyes with difficulty and exhaustedly said: "Please take care of yourselves and look after the child." Then he turned his head over and lost consciousness. He was still unconscious when we were forced to leave. Even in this situation they did not loosen his shackles a bit.

In the past, we had heard that Falun Gong practitioners were severely beaten and some were tortured to death. We all thought these were rumors and never believed it. We trusted the government that they could never have done such inhumane things. But now we saw with our own eyes and it happened to our son. We could not understand at all that our son, who abided by the law, was "transformed" into such a shape! It pierced our hearts! Though the outside cold wind chilled us to the bone, it could not compare to such a tragic scene that chilled our hearts. Did the "party", which we had devoted our whole life to, do this? Perhaps even the fascist was too inferior to bear comparison.

We were not willing to believe in Falun Gong because our party chairman was against it. However, Falun Gong indeed had changed our son to be a better person. We could not help coming to the conclusion that Falun Gong is good. We had loyally followed the footsteps of Jiang Zemin, but Jiang Zemin instead brought this tragedy to our son and to our family. There are so many families like ours hurt by the tragedy.

We finally realize now that Jiang Zemin does not represent the government nor does he represent the [party name omitted] party in China. He is a sheer tyrant and a murderer of innocent people. He has ruined the [party name omitted] party. No matter what kinds of contemptible means Jiang Zemin has tried, he could not transform our son who believes in Falun Gong. On the contrary, he "transforms" us to believe Falun Gong. This is called "dropping stones onto one's own feet".

Now Jiang Zemin has conducted the contrived "self-immolation" and "suicide-bomb rumor" in Tiananmen. No matter how he has tried to frame Falun Gong, we will never believe him. The real Falun Gong practitioners like our son would never do such a thing and will never even think of that. It is Jiang Zemin who does not let people have the right to live their normal life. As real [party name omitted] party members we should hold to the truth. We will never again adhere to the tyrant's ruling and we will not help a tyrant to do evil. We should realize the benefits that Falun Gong has brought to society. We appeal to all kindhearted people to uphold justice and save our son, save all persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. February 17, 2001