I am a fifty-year-old woman. On January 1, 2001, I broke through one check point after another to come to Tiananmen Square in Beijing and carry out my long-cherished wish to validate Dafa.

When I went into Tiananmen Square, what I saw was one police van after another. Police and plainclothesmen thickly dotted the square. A few sparse visitors looked very serious. This was not a happy atmosphere for entering the new millenium, but it gave people a sense of ferociousness.

When another practitioner and I had just entered the Square from the south side, two plainclothesmen came over right away to interrogate us. I thought we should not hesitate, so I rapidly drew out our already-prepared banner and shouted loudly: "Falun Dafa is good! Return our Master's clean reputation!" A gang of plainclothesmen swooped down at once, seized the banner and kicked me. The electric stun baton spitting out a long tongue of fire stabbed at my body at random, but I did not feel pain at all and continued to shout: "Falun Dafa is good! Return our Master's clean reputation! Police are not allowed to beat people!" Several plainclothesmen pushed me down to the ground and wrestled my hands. Later on they hypocritically smiled at me and changed their attitude. Once the police van came over and people could not see, they revealed their fierce looks and there was another round of fitful beating. Their original smiling look at me was merely for show.

We were sent to different places in batches. Since every place was full of practitioners, I was relocated four times in succession. At last I was sent to a place in Changping County and pushed into a room. Bunches of iron-chains were hanging from the ceiling. There were also shackles, electric needles and so on. It looked like a place of torture. Several police, including a policewoman, came over and interrogated me. "Where are you from?" "I will not tell you." "What is your name?" "I will not tell you." The policewoman began to speak: " If you do not tellme, in a while we will let you speak to a dog!" Two policemen used batons to beat me from head to foot. I bled during the whole time and there already was a red area on my chest, but I did not feel pain at all. At that time, they led in a tall wolfhound. The wolfhound showed its teeth and its two front legs lunged noisily on the ground. It made a threatening gesture toward me. The police let it go and said: "Bite her!"

My mind was in righteous way and with my two eyes I looked straight at the dog and said: "Beast, you dare to bite me?! I am a Buddha cultivator. If you do evil, I will not save you." It was truly miraculous. Right after my voice stopped, that wolfhound groveled on the ground slouching its head and did not dare to look at me. That policewoman shouted loudly: "That is strange. That is strange!" When she said this, she kicked the dog's backside twice and shouted : "Go bite her. Go bite her!" However, no matter how much she shouted and kicked, the dog did not move and painfully looked towards its owner. At this time I felt bitter and thought: These people are not as good as a beast and a beast can understand what I said. No wonder Lu Dongbin [Note: Lu Dongbin is a famous deity in Taoism] said he would rather save an animal than a human being.

Seeing that this cruel trick did not work, they began to beat me again and cursed at me with foul words. One evil policeman shouted: "Take her clothes off!" I was firm in not cooperating with them and told them with justice: "You do this wicked thing, so you pay for it." They abused me with dirty words while saying "Today, that girl's body looks good." and other words intolerable to the ear. They weren't able to take my clothes off no matter how hard they tried, so they resumed the beating. After beating me, they abused me, and after beating me again, they again abused me. Later on I was beaten until fresh blood poured from my mouth and nose. They pressed my hands on the ground and used the heels of their leather shoes to trample on my hands. Soon, the flesh on my hands was torn and blood was all over the place. They tortured me for several hours like that. It was dark. I lost consciousness, but I could still hear clearly what they said. I just had one thought on my mind: "Do not cooperate with the evil."

They saw that I had passed out, so they stopped. In order to determine that I really had no consciousness, they lit a candle and burned both palms of my hands, but I just felt a warm tingling. Not getting any reaction, they asked a doctor to come over. The doctor examined me and said: "The pulse is very weak and the blood pressure is very low. Send her to the hospital emergency room in a hurry." Not wanting to bear the responsibility, they used a police van to take me to a lockup. After a person in the lockup had a look, he said: "We cannot accept this person. You beat people like this then you want to slough off the responsibility?" They had to take me to a hospital. Several police got out and registered. The driver turned around to the back and asked: "Can you walk by yourself?" I shook my head, so he got out of the van and entered the lobby, leaving me alone in the van. Suddenly I realized that Master was giving me a chance to escape. I took the lock out then the van door was open. All of sudden, I had a burst of energy and I ran away in the dark of the evening. After a while, I heard sirens whistling behind and saw the lights of the police van flashing. I ran into a residential building in a moment of desperation. The people who saw me drove me out and some even threatened to call the police. I received a blast of bitterness and felt the people were without benevolence. At this time those policemen searched for me door to door. I saw there was an abandoned dustbin at my side and I got into it without thinking whether it was dirty or not. Right after I hid, several motorcycles stopped suddenly alongside the dustbin, but they did not find me. They checked over and over again for a long time. It gradually became quiet. I came out.

In the pitch-dark night, I could not distinguish directions, so I walked blindly. I did not know how long I had walked. I dimly saw a sign with the words "XX department of XX county". Hey, I had walked out of Changping County. I thought there were practitioners in Beijing and I had to go to Beijing. But police took my money away. I did not eat anything at all and I felt cold and hungry. It was dark and unlighted, and I was in a big valley. How did I go there? Just at this time, I heard the sound of a person riding a bicycle. When I went over to the sound, in the moonlight, I saw a man riding a bicycle to come over. I stopped him and asked: "Please tell me how to go to Beijing." The person looked stunned for a long time and he didn't say a word until he was sure that I was a woman. "You took the opposite direction. What did you do? Why are you here at midnight? There are wolves." I stalled him off with a vague answer. He suddenly asked again: "Do you practice Falun Gong?" I said: "If I do and police are still chasing me, what will you do?" He said: "people who practice Falun Gong are good people. I once hid several Falun Gong practitioners at my home. If you trust me, please follow me." I felt warm in my heart and thought there were still some sensible people, but I said to him: "Thank you. That is enough if you just tell me what road to take." He said: "That is fine. You just go over along the front crossroad and pass it; then you will be on the highway. There are buses going to Beijing."

Then, I went along that road. A north wind was whistling. I was cold, hungry and tired. I found a tree and leaned against it for a while, but I did not dare to lie down. I feared that I would not be able get up. I walked away after taking a rest. I walked and walked when suddenly a clear and colorful Falun slowly rose from the ground in front of me, along with some lotus flowers. The scene was really magnificent! They flew high into the sky and I could see stars move to both sides so as to save space for Falun and lotus flowers. After a little while, Falun disappeared leaving a flash of light behind. Then a green dragon came out of the ground with its eyes winking at me. Shaking its tail and spreading its dragon claws, it also rose to the sky. I was very delighted and forgot tiredness, coldness, and hunger. I bounced and jumped in the dark night just like a child and shouted loudly: "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is good!" The spacious valley resounded: "Falun Dafa is good! Dafa is good! Good! Good! ... ..." My heart was very light and I did not feel lonely and afraid at all. I knew that Heavenly dragons and Falun were protecting Dafa (and me). Full of confidence, I continued to walk.

I did not know how long I had walked. At last I saw there was a lamplight ahead. When I went over there to have a look, it turned out to be a highway. I watched the Big Dipper in the sky and discerned the direction and estimated the time to be around 2:00am. I walked some more for a while. I saw a work shed and people still sleeping soundly. I walked again for a while and saw a young man working in a work shed. I went over and said: "Young brother, I pass by here and beg a cup of water to drink. Is that fine?" He turned his head but was scared to back off several steps. I realized it was my bloody body, my disheveled hair and dirty face that had frightened him. I felt sorry for this but I couldn't find water on my way to wash myself. I then said: "I am not a bad person. I had an accident. Can I have a place to take a rest?" He did not answer me so I left. Soon he caught up with me and said: " I know there is a place where you can have a rest and I'll bring you there." Therefore, I followed him and came to a boiler room, where it was very warm inside. He warmly cooked water and boiled noodles for me, and said: "You do not like having an accident." I said: "Anyway, I am a good person. If there are police to chase me, what should you do?" He asked again: " Do you practice Falun Gong?" I said: "If I say I do, will you call the police?" He patted his chest and said: " I am a brave Shandong man. I am not afraid. How can I do like that? Falun Gong are all good people." He also said that there were Falun Gong practitioners in his hometown. He also revealed that he had a thought of letting his family members learn the Fa. I told him: " I do not have anything to give you. I give you a word--The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and good people will be met with good rewards."

It looked like daylight. I started to leave. He searched all his pockets and said: "I just have twenty yuan. The ticket to Beijing is ten yuan. You can buy something to eat with the rest. I wish you good luck in Beijing." He sent me to the bus. Later on, I came back to my hometown with the help of Beijing practitioners.

I don't have more to say and I just know I should go to validate Dafa like this right now. In fact, what Dafa gives me is much more than what I pay out.

A Dafa disciple

January 8, 2001