Throughout remote history, who knew the Fa of the Cosmos? With the dazzling number of characters in history, it is even harder to learn the journeys of the enlightened few. Throughout the time in history, when Buddhas, Taos and Gods came down to the human world to save people, they were slandered and falsely accused by the wickedness; Yet after they left this world, golden statues were built and shrines erected in their honor in order to comfort the selfish human heart.

Cultivation practice in Falun Dafa has allowed disciples come to this realization: In this boundless universe, there are infinite dimensions and countless levels. The law is so profound and extensive. Its magnificence is simply beyond any human language. The deluded lives repeat their cycles of reincarnation with their karma mounting as high as mountains...

Covering up the sky of the In-Triple World, The iron-like clouds have locked the universe within, Deep into the delusion in China, People are rushing around in a place as tiny as a ball made of mud.

Was it that we found our dream when we were awake? Or was it that we woke up from our dream? The heaven opened up during the period of Fa rectification. From outside in flew the Falun and lotus. Layer upon layer, the Cosmos opened up its celestial gates. The enlightened being came into this world. The Fa is rectifying the infinite celestial bodies and providing salvation to the people in the world.

"How could any being be outside this calamity? I behold with a smile all of the Gods being unwise". Today, Dafa practitioners from the West Coast of the United States welcome our fellow practitioners to share cultivation experience with each other, to report what we have learned to the Teacher, and to clarify the truth to the people around the world. As practitioners, we know how precious the Fa is, and we know even better how compassionate our Teacher is. Therefore, only by trying to simulate to the Fa of the Cosmos, which is "truthfulness, compassion and tolerance" with a selfless heart and fearless volition can we show our gratitude for Teacher's enormous compassion and salvation. "Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence."

In order for to him to teach and save all lives, the enlightened being transforms into an earthly person who looks just like you and me. He passed the supreme law of the Cosmos to human beings for the very first time. The teaching shines through like lights, as tolerant and compassionate as the Cosmos. It can be summed up in just these three simple words: truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.

Dafa has been spread for 9 years, with the number of students reaching over 100 million. Teacher has traveled around the world and endured many hardships. The Fa has awakened up the consciences of millions. Where there is radiance, there is no room for darkness. When the Fa is rectified, so are the mind and the universe. Penetrating the Cosmos layer after layer, permeating through the vast land of galaxies, the darkness is being swept away with the universe becoming purer and purer.

"How could the evil run rampant any longer? Every single being's volition is fully revealed".

When the righteous Fa is being spread, millions of demons will come to interfere. Outdated and corrupt, the evil forces create interference and fabricate lies to sabotage. They claim to examine the Dafa and put the gods under tests. They said Jesus already died on the cross, and that if you indeed came to save humans, they would repeat the tragedy. They also said if your disciples wanted to practice genuine cultivation, they had to withstand their vicious tests. Instantly, lies were all over the place, along with arrests, torture, jail and persecution. Wickedness filled up this dimension. Who would know that higher dimensions had even deviated? Teacher was enduring all the vicious attacks coming from all dimensions. The enormous 9-month-long hardship was not something a regular body could bear. With his tremendous compassion and forbearance, Teacher dissolved the calamity of the cosmos. Faced with vicious tortures, practitioners maintained a calm heart. To clear the name of Teacher and Dafa, genuine disciples, please step forward. When you abandon your attachments, there will be no life or death; when you are indifferent to life or death, you will have no attachments left. The vicious persecution cannot shake practitioners' faith. Attempting to escalate the persecution, the gang of Jiang used their last and the dirtiest trick: framing Falun Gong by killing with fire!

Since 7/20/99, they have viciously persecuted of Falun Gong practitioners. They have tortured over 100 people to death, illegally sentenced thousands to prison and detained tens of thousands. These figures are climbing up everyday. They have escalated the persecution. Not only do they now randomly arrest and viciously torture every practitioner, they have also set off a maddening nationwide movement resembling "the Great Cultural Revolution". Everyone has to pass the test, and everyone has to make statements. All these have been done just to take away from people their right to believe in truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.

Wickedness is not self-conscious. The evil people have tortured over 100 Dafa practitioners to death yet never revealed that. As a matter of fact, they consider these deeds "state secrets". If any information gets leaked, heavy sentences will be inevitable. Why have they never aired the footage of people being arrested and beaten at the Tiananmen Square, yet have played this self-directed self-immolation over and over again? And tried to create as much publicity as possible? The wickedness has made a mockery of itself on the world stage without even realizing it. Dafa practitioners do not kill themselves or other lives. The vicious people harm and frame the innocent. Regardless its approach being deception, bribery, coercion or assassination, it will only further reveal its wickedness, therefore waking up people's compassion and inciting them to disclose the viciousness.

All kind-hearted people around the world, Falun Dafa practitioners appeal to you with a pure heart filled with truthfulness, compassion and tolerance: the evilness that exists in the Chinese authorities is eroding people's kind nature. They strip away people's religious belief, their dignity along with their most basic right of human existence - human rights.

The vicious persecution transcends national boundaries. The gang of Jiang Zemin has extended their evil hands not only into the United States and Canada, but also into Europe and Southeast Asia. At the end of last year, President Jiang's Los Angeles Consulate General publicly interfered with the internal affairs of the United States and the human rights of the American people. They issued letters to various municipal offices asking them not to bestow honors to Falun Gong. However, these demands were flatly refused by some municipal government offices. Yet, they did not stop. They mailed the video tapes of the self-immolation case to every municipal government offices. The mayors were annoyed and said: "It now has become a small part of my routine work just to deal with their interference." As the mouthpiece of President Jiang, these people in the Chinese Consulate did not even sense that they had already violated not only the US laws, but also the International Covenant of Human Rights. What is awaiting them is not only persecution by law but also by heavenly principles. We have a word of advice to these people. Examine the current situation carefully. Get to know Falun Gong with a calm heart. Do not be deceived by the false "truth" fabricated by the Gang of Jiang Zemin. Come back to your conscience before the truth is fully revealed. Kindness will be returned with kindness. Wickedness will be returned with wickedness. This principle has never failed.

They've also tried to bribe and even threaten the media, government offices and commercial sectors. They wanted these people to become their co-conspirators. This kind of vicious play can only make people despise them further, and at the same time make them realize the rights every human being is entitled to are under attack. It is not hard to imagine what they will achieve in the end.

The persecution of the wickedness doesn't go after specific categories. It can be after you, me, him or her, or even countless good people because in the eyes of wickedness, there is no such thing as human rights. We hope that kind-hearted people can step forward, for the sake of ourselves and for the sake of human rights and freedom of conscience and belief of our future generations. Please step forward for this sacred post!

Our great and benevolent Teacher has taught us not only the principles of the universe, but also revealed the rules of the cultivation practice in the universe: in the past, after the enlightened people came into this human world to save lives, they all experienced hardships and tests. Even though our Dafa is encountering severe hardship and vicious sabotage, our Teacher said:

"No one is worthy of testing the Fa of the cosmos. This is because no matter how high a being's realm and level in this cosmos, he is still a being within this cosmos, and was created by the Fa. In other words, even his existence was created by this Fa, so how could he turn around and test this Fa?" In addition, "All beings in the cosmos have deviated from this Fa. In addition, all beings of the cosmos are in the middle of Fa rectification."

Teacher told us that all the tests put forth by all beings to examine the Dafa have become a way to evaluate their own mind nature and to let them position themselves.

This is something that has never been told by any enlightened person in the past countless kalpas; neither were they able to know principles of such a high level. Today, Teacher told all these to his disciples. Once we knew about it and understood this enormous Fa, life and physical form meant little to us. As a particle of the Dafa, first, we don't have to attachment to consummation. Secondly, we are not attached to time and assumptions. The only way in which we can deal with wickedness is to expose it. It will die on its own in the Fa. The only thing we have for the people around the world is compassion. For the sake of these kind-hearted people, we must clarify the truth. When they see the truth, they have seen the Fa.

Together, let us call on all kind-hearted people, governments and friends around the world to step forward, expose and stop the wickedness, welcome the remarkable Fa of the universe and walk into the new life after the Fa-rectification!

The entire body of Falun Dafa practitioners of the United States West Coast salutes our Teacher, fellow practitioners and friends.

Western US Falun Dafa Practitioners February 18th, 2001