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Dear editors,

I had a lot of thoughts and feelings after reading the article Reflections After Reading "A Reference for Prophecies". Indeed as Teacher has said, this event had been arranged billions of years ago. After I read it carefully, I felt that there was one point in which I disagree with you. Here is how I interpret. "It is for your reference"(from the last part of Teacher's article A Reference for Prophecies).

The eighteenth prophecy said, "It emphasizes that the key to the cultivation practice in this time is cultivating xinxing, 'preserving life at the half-moon shape under the triangle mountain' (referring to Clear Moon Lake in Changchun [Jilin Province])." We believe that "preserving life at the half-moon shape under the triangle mountain" refers to a character, instead of a place (Clear Moon Lake in Changchun). Here is our explanation:

The triangle-mountain means three triangle mountains:

The "half-moon shape" is a crescent moon:

Then the half-moon shape under the triangle mountain forms:

And this is exactly the Chinese character "heart". That is to inform people to preserve life with the heart, and only by emphasizing the cultivation of the heart can one be protected during the Fa rectification. Above is my personal understanding. Please give comments if you think I am wrong.

Practitioner in China

(Please refer to the original prophecy: http://www.clearwisdom.net/eng/2000/Sept/08/PO090800_2.html)