[Clearwisdom.net] In the past 18 months, the actions of protecting the Fa (Law or Principles) by practitioners have proved that, even extreme physical torment could not weaken or change practitioners' belief in Falun Dafa. Thus, Jiang Zemin and his followers placed their hope on "psychological attack by undercover agent".

Characteristics and aims of "psychological attack by undercover agent"

Let's take a labor camp as an example. Many practitioners were sentenced to three years of labor camp detention, and some shorter sentences were often repetitively extended without any reason. During the lengthy detention, practitioners were isolated from outside contact, even with their family members; they were deprived of any chance of studying the Fa, doing the exercises, accessing materials from Minghui net, or seeing new articles from our teacher. Additionally, they were forced to watch videotapes and listen to lectures that defame Dafa (Great Law and Principles). Plus, some people claimed they had been transformed, and these "converters" distorted the meaning of our teacher's words to make various excuses in order to divert practitioners from Dafa. When physical and mental fatigue went to extremes because of the endless "education" without any break or sleep, some practitioners yielded to the evil unconsciously by saying or doing something against Dafa principles. In this way, they fell into the trap designed to stop their practicing and protecting the Fa.

It fact, the excuses made by those "converters" were rather superficial and ridiculous. For example, they claimed that all practitioners who were kept in the labor camps had all achieved consummation, and as a result, they could establish something that's not in accordance with Dafa principles. They also said that, to prevent ordinary people from knowing of the Fa and our teacher, practitioners should turn in Dafa books even though this action appears as a betrayal of the Fa and our teacher. They referred to these as understandings that only higher- level beings could perceive. No matter what kind of excuses they used, they all took advantage of the omissions of the individual practitioners. Those practitioners who were trapped either had limited understanding of the Fa, or held attachments that they wouldn't face or eliminate. Under the "psychological attack by undercover agent", some practitioners did serious wrongdoings but they didn't notice them and even regarded them as great deeds, although it was just their individual attachments being satisfied. As a result, they ended up in a situation that is extremely risky.

Holding no pursuit or personal assumption while studying the Fa

Every genuine practitioner knows that, Zhuan Falun is a heavenly book, and one can gain the truth only when reading it without any disturbance, pursuit or assumptions. That is why an ordinary person can hardly obtain any notion of the Fa. For those people who had been perplexed and done serious bad deeds, although they often spoke of sentences in Dafa, what they did was actually recklessly explaining or defining the Fa. They even tried hard to find sentences from Dafa and use them to make excuses for their wrong deeds. We recommend that, when facing situations like this, instead of analyzing and pointing out their distorted explanations of the Fa, we can fundamentally stop the dangerous action of defining the Fa. If they won't listen, we don't have to contaminate our ears, eyes and mind with those "magic potions". We should be compassionate and provide others with opportunities, but we cannot expect too much in terms of their making changes. If we get involved in those detailed explanations, we could actually facilitate the vicious forces in transforming us.

Anyone who achieved consummation is an enlightened being, who should protect the Fa under any circumstances and do it better

Cultivation is serious. Those who consider, and show themselves off as consummated can never really achieve consummation. Consummated beings are already Buddhas, Taos (Enlightened Taoist), or Gods. They have been assimilated to Dafa, and become great protectors of the universe. For such a being, his mind, statements and actions in any circumstance will not only be in accordance with Dafa, but will also be protecting Dafa and our teacher who delivered the Fa to us. How can they have inconsistency with statements and actions, and even defame the Fa or our teacher? If this kind of little tricks could fool people, they can only work on those who protect their own interests and attachments. If one pursues something impure, bad things will come. Nobody will watch out for it, since it is what he wants.

Of course, it is another story for those who were secret agents themselves, since their original purposes were to harm the Fa.

Remove misapprehension and guide oneself with a righteous mind, plus remedy with more efforts

In fact, for some practitioners who were trapped, it is only after many generations of suffering and torment that they could make it through till today. If, due to some attachments, the righteous mind one has cultivated from Dafa cannot guide him, or even worse, one has done some serious wrong deeds that Dafa doesn't allow, all his efforts in the past will be meaningless. Furthermore, no matter how he tries to prove that he is right and superior in this human world, when the truth is disclosed, what he ends up with in the universe may not be a good future. It will be too late by then as he realizes that he has ruined himself forever.

"Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance" is the truth that lasts forever. It is the unchanged criterion that judges everything. Therefore, for those who were unknowingly trapped but still thinking of Dafa, they should stop from going further astray. Right now, rectifying the Fa hasn't been completed, what they can do is to face attachments, remove misapprehension, resume cultivation and remedy with more efforts.

* * *

Since July 1999, Jiang Zemin has tried every resort to eradicate Falun Gong, but failed. Occasionally, overseas news media gives reports that "Falun Gong has become

more courageous since the crackdown" or "Falun Gong is getting stronger and stronger". Right now, Jiang Zemin is dragging his deteriorating body and putting on a last ditch struggle---placing all his hopes on "warranty of guarantee", especially through "psychological attack by undercover agent". We must strengthen our righteous mind and with our actions, break Jiang's last hope. This is not only to save ourselves, but also to do what we need to do in order to contribute during the process of rectifying the Fa.

Let's keep our teacher's words in mind "The Fa can reveal all attachments, the Fa can eradicate all evils, the Fa can expose and dispel all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." ("Deter Interference") Let's fundamentally consolidate our belief in Dafa and our teacher, and act as soon as possible to correct and remedy the wrong statements and actions.

January 25, 2001