[Clearwisdom.net] On January 22, 2001, the Chief of the 4th Division of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp (first name Geng), supervised the force-feeding of Dafa practitioners during their hunger strikes. When Li Qiulan, a practitioner from the 4th Team was force-fed, 3 or 4 guards held her down. Ms. Li said "Falun Gong is good, Dafa is good" in front of Geng. When the force-feeding was over, Geng violently gave her more than a dozen slaps until she fell to the floor, he then kicked her around her waist and legs, and pulled her hair. Team supervisor (first name Song) also slapped her. Blood streamed down from her mouth. She was detained alone until the other practitioners demanded her release. Her cheeks and mouth were extremely swollen, and her lower lip turned outwards and was bleeding. Her forehead had a lump, both legs were swollen and purple, and she was in great pain from being kicked. Her eyes were still blue the next day.

On January 2, 2001, practitioners from the 3rd Team in the 1st Sub-Division started a hunger strike. They were force-fed once every three days, and if the food did not stay down, Geng would insist on repeating the force-feeding. Geng often maltreats practitioners at will, beating and/or insulting them, particularly those who refuse to do forced labor and continue to practice and study Dafa. Geng also encouraged others to abuse practitioners. Many practitioners endured various forms of torture, such as ropes, electric batons, truncheons, and physical beatings. Zhao Zhiqiang and Jia Yuxia still have lumps as a result of the brutal beatings and are still experiencing pain. Some others still carry scars from the rope torture, and Liu Juhua's head still hurts from the beating. A man named Chen, who is in charge of the 4th Division, and another Division Chief, Zhou, both collaborated with Geng in the persecution. During group practice on November 1, 2001, Liu Suxiang from the 4th Team of 1st Sub-Division was brutally beaten by Chen. She was in agony for many days. Another two chiefs and a team leader together brutalized Xia Fenghong. She was taken into the office, beaten, kicked, and dragged by her hair.

During another group practice, Li Qiulan and Zhang Shufang from the 4th Team of the 1st Sub-division were again beaten by Chen. Zhang Shufang's wrist hurt for many days afterwards from being badly twisted.

Dafa Practitioners

February 7, 2001