[Minghui Net] Falun Dafa practitioner Li Mei, as a result of oppression and torture, passed away on February 1, 2001 at 6:05AM. (as declared by the official media). Here are the currently known facts, which we hope will lead to further investigation.

Li Mei turned 28 this year; she had practiced Falun Dafa since 1996. Through cultivation, her chronic fatigue and asthma were cured without any medication. She used her own behavior to prove that Dafa is a noble practice and she always looked out for others.

When the crazy anti-Falun Gong campaign began, Li Mei became concerned and she went to Beijing to appeal over and over again. She wanted to use her pure heart to prove to the government that Falun Dafa practitioners are compassionate and that the way the government was treating Dafa was wrong.

Li Mei first went to appeal in Beijing in November 1999, and she was soon brought back and illegally jailed in Hefei detention center in Anhui Province for 15 days. Only one day after her release, she set out for Beijing again, this time on foot. Two days later she was stopped and brought back. Not long after, in December 1999, Li Mei and her sister went to appeal in Beijing together. Later on she was brought back and illegally detained in Hefei Detention Center for 15 days and after being released, she was sent to the so called "Transformation Class" until the Spring Festival 2000 (Chinese New Year, which was between January and February 2000). In April 2000, because of practicing Falun Gong exercises outdoors, she was again illegally detained for 15 days. Afterwards, in order to tell people the truth in Tiananmen Square, Li Mei went on her fourth appeal. Because she had made banners, she was again unlawfully locked up for over 10 days. And from the detention center she was transferred to Hefel Tire factory's "Transformation Class". After a 9-day hunger strike, and because she had refused to be converted, Li Mei was directly sent to Anhui women's labor camp where she stayed until her death on February 1, 2001.

While Li Mei was in this labor camp, the guards tortured her both physically and mentally. But nothing could move her positive faith and thinking concerning Falun Dafa.

On the third day of Spring Festival (January 26, 2001), Li Mei's family went to visit her but the labor camp refused them this basic right. Her family asked, "Isn't today a visitors day? Doesn't a family member have the right to visit? Li Mei is a very nice girl, she voluntarily gave up her position to others in the factory, why deny us a visit to such a nice person?" The female officer screamed almost like a lunatic, "Don't talk to me about human rights, there are no human rights here! Don't talk to me about good and bad, I don't know how to distinguish them!" This type of "education" is what the Chinese government has described as being "Like a doctor treating a patient, like the family rearing its wayward children". Confronted by the cold-blooded officers, Li Mei's family helplessly walked away in tears. In their hearts, they painfully cried: Li Mei! What kind of inhuman tortures are you undergoing that have prevented us from seeing you?

On the seventh day of the Spring Festival (January 30, 2001), Li Mei's father was picked up, in his hometown, by Li Mei's workpace and was told that Li Mei was about to die. Li Mei's father pleaded to see his daughter but the company instructed him to obey the arrangements of the local officials. Li Mei's mother disappeared in panic (later on she was seen at the 105th hospital). Having to wait until the afternoon, Li Mei's family was finally brought to the 105th Military hospital emergency room. According to the doctor, Li Mei's brain had shrunk, her internal organs were not functioning well and her heart was beating weakly. When the family came to see Li Mei, the police setup many obstacles and kept everything under tight control. Only one person was allowed to go in at a time and the person must change clothes when seeing her. Everyone was told to keep their hands out in the open and she could only be seen from a distance. Even the doctor was shocked by such tight security. Li Mei's family could only see that: Li Mei's face was swollen, blood was dripping out of all the natural openings of the face (mouth, nose, eyes and ears), her neck was wrapped in bandages, and her body below the neck was covered by a blanket. After visiting, Li Mei's family was brought to the company's reception room and was not allowed to go home until they protested strongly.

Two days later, in the afternoon of February 1, 2001, the province's 610 office (the organization especially set up to monitor and suppress Falun Gong), members of the justice department, the police department, the labor camp and other local officials all called for Li Mei's family. They said Li Mei had passed away at around 6 am that morning and asked them to view her in the hospital one last time. But once in the car, they were driven to the funeral home. Since the family felt that the whole thing was a setup from the beginning, they asked all the officials, and there were tens of them, to explain the reason for her death in detail as determined by the official doctor (this is not asking for a favor, this is the right due any citizen). These people who had no goodness in them onlt asked the family not to take photographs or video tape the funeral, and told them that the remains would have to be kept in the labor camp, otherwise they would forcefully cremate her without letting the family see the body. Li Mei's family was forced to agree in order to see her one last time. But they insisted on bringing her remains home after cremation.

When the family was changing her clothes, they discovered that she was still warm. Li Mei had a very thin layer of clothes on. February 1st was a very cold day. She had been 'dead' From 6AM to 6 PM, how could she still be warm unless Li Mei had been brought to the funeral home while still alive?! Li Mei's father could no longer control the pain in his heart, he questioned them, "Why is Li Mei's body still warm! You did not try to save a live person but sent her here to the funeral home, is there no goodness in you?" Not only did these cruel and twisted people not feel ashamed in any way, they even giggled to themselves! Li Mei's father raised his voice, "If you have any justice in you at all! If you feel that your blood is flowing, you can come over and touch the body and see if it is still warm." Among all of them no one dared to touch the body but they moved away. Only Li Mei's warm body and her family were left behind. Li Mei's elderly parents yelled to the sky, "You are no different from the Chinese people who watched with joy when the Japanese invaders were killing Chinese men and raping Chinese women!" The elderly were in tears and seethed with anger. Then there were two other people who came over to touch Li Mei's body and agreed that she was still warm. Finally someone had proved it. By then, Li Mei's family discovered that her natural facial openings were all stuffed with cotton, the back of her head had blood all over, her back was dotted with blood spots and part of her legs were deformed. Li Mei's family proceded to inspected her condition, but were quickly forced out of the room by the police.

Li Mei passed away exactly as described . With no respect, her body was rushed away from her loving family who merely wanted to examine her actual condition. The pure and healthy Li Mei, after being subjected to tortures in a hellish female concentration camp, has left us. Why were her family not allowed to visit her? Why did she still have a body temperature over 10 hours after her death? Why were her family members deceived from beginning to end? Why cremate her in such a rush? Before Li Mei's cremation, based on an inside source, the deputy of Anhui Province (Wang Zhaoyao), the director of the labor education bureau, the president of Anhui public security bureau and the city 610 officials were all present at the funeral home. What were they trying cover up? What misdeeds were they keeping under wraps?

Such misuse of authority is most afraid of being exposed, yet justice will finally be done one day. Although the lie of the "Tiananmen self immolation" is currently in circulation, Li Mei used her own life to awaken the goodness that has been sleeping deeply within people!

Li Mei, please go without worry. Your unfinished wishes will be fulfilled by hundreds of millions of Dafa practitioners. Don't worry! The day of Fa rectifying the world will come soon!

We urge all those people concerned about injustice to record the evidence of the evil suppression of Falun Gong practitioners. On the day when the truth comes out, let the wicked perpetrators receive their judgment!

Provided by Mainland China practitioners

February 10, 2001