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[Beijing] Evil Quivers at the Sounds from the Loudspeakers

On the evening of Feb 2, the sound of 17 loudspeakers echoed in the night sky over Haidian District in Beijing, awakening people, heaven, and the earth. Practitioners worked together and managed to position loudspeakers so they could broadcast the truth of Falun Dafa to as many people as possible. The speakers were put in front of shopping malls, at busy street corners, in residential blocks, in colleges, on post office buildings, and one was even put on a roadside transformer. There were two broadcasts: at 8:00 and 9:00 pm. The practitioners that hung the loudspeakers all managed to return home without being detected. To prevent the police from removing the loudspeakers too easily, practitioners locked the loud speakers in iron boxes that were linked to a fixed iron fence. The iron boxes had openings to allow the sound to come out. The plan was successful. Some loudspeakers remained untouched for quite a while. At 1 pm, Feb 3, two police officers were seen taking photographs of the loudspeakers at the Shangdi crossroads.

[Beijing] Tiananmen Under Heavy Guard Before New Year's Day

January 23, the day before the Chinese Lunar New Year, I went to Tiananmen Square alone. The following was what I witnessed.

The Square was under heavy guard. You could see police officers everywhere. Tourists were not allowed to enter the square. The tourists with cameras that tried to get in were sent away. There were piles and piles of dirty black snow on the ground. Many cars were parked there too. I thought there must be an official meeting of some kind going on. An army truck full of policemen went in and out of the square every ten minutes. It looked like a changing of the guard.

Outside the square, police vans were parked side by side, with drivers waiting behind the steering wheels. Clusters of policemen walked back and forth, nervously looking around. There were many plain-clothed police as well. You could easily spot them at a glance. Many policemen were talking about having arrested people, but their voices were too low for me to hear the details.

I strolled around the square from approximately 10:00 to 12:00 am. Not being allowed to enter the square, I wandered to other places like many of the tourists. There were not many people lingering. I didn't have a chance to witness the self-immolation incident and had no idea when the guards were called away. Now I figure the guards must have left after each performer was positioned on the stage.

[Southern China] Practitioners Go Out Together to Validate Dafa

February 1, 2001, practitioners in a southern city of China went out together to validate Dafa, despite the great pressure and the potential danger to their lives. At 5 am, the glad tidings resounded out of the loud speakers over all the detention houses, prisons, and "conversion classes" in the city. It was the Falun Dafa Radio program! The broadcasts included: "Jiang Zemin Cannot Shirk the Responsibilities for Persecuting Falun Gong", "What Brought Jiang Zemin, Head of the Country, on a Path of Traitor?", "Founder of Falun Gong Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize", "Eliminate the Evil", and "About Oblivion Drugs". We sincerely encouraged practitioners confronting the evil to firmly stride on.

Meanwhile, thousands of banners appeared on wire poles and trees along the main streets of the city, displaying "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Falun Dafa is the Law of Cosmos". Practitioners also sent out a large number of flyers, spreading truth to the public.

[Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province] Practitioner Hu Qingyun Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

Practitioner Hu Qingyun of Nanchang City used to work in No.1 Criminal Court of People's Court of Justice in Jiangxi Province (Supreme Court of the Province). His account of how he, a victim of leukemia, returned to a healthy man through practicing Falun Gong, can be found at the following web site: http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2000/3/26/3052.html

Because he wrote several letters to government leaders to tell the truth of Falun Gong, that described how Falun Dafa saved his life, and because he proved to people how far from the truth the intentionally distorted reports on TV and in the newspapers were, he was arrested and kept in custody for a long time. On January 2001, he was sentenced to seven years in prison.

[Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province] Practitioners Taken to Conversion Class

In mid-January 2001, Luo Gan, the evil accomplice of Jiang Zemin, went to Nanchang City, Jiangxi province to assume command, and give direction to the coordinated persecution of Falun Gong. The plan was carried out by six teams, which included people from the Public Security Department and State Security Department.

After that, the police department in Jiangxi Province started a more severe overall persecution of practitioners throughout the province, especially in Nanchang City and Jiujiang City. Starting on January 15, all practitioners that had previously been arrested for going to Beijing, or for spreading materials containing true stories about Falun Gong, were arrested again and sent to "conversion classes". The police said anyone not converted by the end of the class would be sent directly to a labor camp.

Recently, the evils went to extremes. From January 30 to February 1, 2001, they carried out a large-scale round up of practitioners throughout the province. They defiantly said that they wouldn't leave a single practitioner at large. In order to achieve this goal, they illegally used relatives of practitioners as hostages. For example, when practitioner Zhang Dianzhen of Nanchang City managed to evade capture, they took her son and kept him for half a day before letting him go. In another case, in order to coerce Jiang Laiping, they arrested his sister, and she is still under detention.

Today we call upon human-rights organizations and all kind-hearted people in the world to turn your attention to the situation of the Falun Gong practitioners in Jiangxi Province. Let us actively suffocate the evil, stop their reckless conduct, expose their ferociousness, and leave them no place to hide.

[Tangshan City, Hebei Province] Nullification of a "Confession" Leads to More Persecution

Wang Haiquan, practitioner from Tangshan City, Hebei Province, wrote a confession while subjected to brutal torture. In fact, many practitioners in Tangshan were tortured and wrote confessions. Wang was set free, but many were kept in jail with no idea of how long they would be kept there. Those who were sent home couldn't find any peace. They expressed regret to Master who gave them a new life, and to the Great Law, which brought them on the road of truth. On Jan 21, they couldn't hold back any longer and they solemnly wrote: " I earnestly declare that all my confessions and letters of conversion are invalid...". They sent the declarations to the police department of Tangshan. The police department took it as an act of contempt. What the police had achieved through tremendous efforts was nullified in a second. The police wouldn't be trifled with and so they immediately arrested the five people who rescinded their confessions. The arrests were followed by another round of brutal torture. Wang Haiquan went on a hunger strike in protest. After 12 days he became very weak. His wife went to Office 610 (set up specifically for dealing with Falun Gong), asking for help. But the reply was: "Conversion should come first. Then help will come."

Such is the "golden time of human-rights" in China as defined by Jiang Zemin: no truth, no honest words, no words of conscience, no way for being a good person, and no rectification for wrong doings. Only cruelty, deceit, embezzlement, corruption, treachery, and calamity to the country and the people are allowed.

[Beijing] Policemen Broke into the Home of a Practitioner to Conduct an Illegal Arrest

Practitioner Lian Fenghua, a 51-year-old woman, is a retired worker for the Beijing University post office. On January 22, two days before Chinese Lunar New Year, two officers from the Qing Longqiao Police Station took her from her home, accusing her of practicing Falun Gong and receiving other practitioners in her home to "establish contact". They still haven't set her free. Liang is reported to have been sent to Qinghe prison for detention.

Falun Dafa is the essential principle and genuine law of the cosmos. There is nothing negative in it. Moreover, practicing Falun Gong is a matter of personal belief. For practitioners to visit each other, have a chat, or to share experiences in practicing is a basic individual freedom. It should be considered reasonable and legal behavior and should not be subject to intervention, let alone illegal police custody. Qing Longqiao Police Station, Qinghe Prison, and Beijing Police Department should release Liang Fenghua and all other practitioners unconditionally.

[Beijing] My Ordeal Under Police Custody

On December 27, 2000 I went with some practitioners to Tiananmen to speak the truth and was arrested. I was taken to Yingang Police Station in Shunyi County, Beijing. It was 12:30 pm, and I was put in a narrow room, which looked like a cell for criminals. Soon I was summoned to the bedroom of the officer for questioning. I recalled what Master said in Suffocating the Evil and decided not to give them any information.

When I didn't give them my name and address, they started corporal torture. They stripped my clothes off, including my shoes and socks, cuffed my hands on the bars of the window, and beat me with an electric prod. Then they dragged me outside in the cold. The temperature was about 12F, and I wore only my underwear, standing on the cold ground in bare feet. After this torture, they towed me inside for another round of electric shocks. This process was repeated four times until the batteries of the prod were depleted. My neck and waist were so badly injured that I couldn't lift my head or the upper part of my body. My hands and feet were numb from the cold and swollen like loaves of bread. I couldn't stand steadily nor could I stop from twitching. Seeing that I still refused to give my name and address, they called over a few more people and a Wolfhound dog to bite me. But the hound stayed three yards away from me. No matter how they tried, the dog just wouldn't come any closer. Finally they carried me to another room and took my picture so as to reveal my identity. The officer and another vicious policeman took turns giving me shocks with the electric prod. With all this torture, I became incontinent.

I was a mass of bruises. They still wouldn't stop. They called in several ruffians, all in their twenties. They used extremely nasty ways to torture me. With a recharged electric prod, they beat me on my breasts and private parts. They shoved my hands onto the heating pipes causing burns. In a weak voice, I managed to tell them that they were making karma for themselves. They were actually destroying themselves by their misconduct. They said that if they didn't get my name, they wouldn't be paid this month, and would probably lose their jobs. They chose to trade their essence of a human being for a tiny personal benefit. The torture lasted until 2 am the next morning.

[Jinchang City, Gansu Province]

Practitioner Wang Shushen passed the entrance examination for the Graduate Program in 2000. During the admission interview, he was asked about his attitude to Falun Gong and to smear Master and Dafa. Wang refused. Confronted with a choice between Dafa and a college degree, he chose Dafa without hesitation. Thus, he wasn't admitted to the graduate program. In May 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was sent back to Jinchang City under escort. He was kept in custody for 15 days and the police illegally fined his parents 5,000 Yuan (Chinese dollars, about 10 month salary of an averaged worker in cities of China). Later he found a job and went to Xian, Shanxi Province. He wrote two letters to friends in Jinchang City, introducing Dafa. The letters were discovered and confiscated by the police in Jinchang City. The Security Bureau of Gansu Province sent people to arrest him secretly in Xian and took him back to Jinchang City. He was sentenced to two years in a labor camp. He was sent to No.1 Labour Camp in Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province before the Spring Festival.

Practitioner Hao Jun of Jinchang City used to be the Vice-director of the Land and Tax Administration Office in Jinchang City. He was removed from the post because he wouldn't give up practicing Falun Gong. In May 2000, the Police department wanted to send him to a labor camp, but the two local labor camps dared not accept him due to his poor physical condition. So they set him free. He was later fined. In December 2000, he was arrested again and sentenced to two years in a labour camp. Hewas also sent to No.1 Labor Camp in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, just before the Spring Festival.

[Beijing] A Reminder for Practitioners Going to Beijing

According to practitioners that went to Beijing during the Spring Festival, there were cameras hidden in the corridors of the Tiananmen police station, taking pictures of each practitioner. They used the Internet, to ask local police to identify practitioners who refused to give their names and addresses, in order to send them back to the local police as quickly as possible. One practitioner who learned about the cameras, covered his face with his hands, and successfully passed through the trial.

The practitioners who were unaware of the hidden cameras had their pictures taken, and were soon recognized by local police and taken back to their hometowns for brutal punishment.

It might be the same in other police stations and detention centers in Beijing where practitioners are held. Please be careful.