[Minghui Net] As Dafa disciples, in the cultivation during the Fa rectification process, we must always remember to regard the Fa as Master. We should not have any ambiguity on this core issue.

Since we are still cultivating in the human world and we all have attachments and ignorance that have not been completely eliminated, bad things will constantly reflect into our minds. How should we deal with this? We have to stand firmly in Dafa, and evaluate things from Dafa's perspective to keep our minds clear. I remember a practitioner asking Master Li at a conference how to use "Zhen-Shan-Ren [Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance]" to guide our cultivation. Master answered: "If a well-cultivated practitioner, or a God, or a Bodhisattva were to do it, how would they do it? Think of it this way and you'll know as soon as the upright thought comes out." (Falun DafaLecture in the United States)

During experience sharing, some practitioners cannot let go of their understanding of the Fa at different levels, and are attached to yearning for a certain fixed level. I think they have not overcome the restriction of "selfishness". As we cultivate during the Fa rectification, Falun Dafa is rectifying the Law of the universe and perfecting all sentient beings. How can practitioners cultivating in the Fa rectification distinguish the various levels of you, me and him? This is actually an attachment, a type of ignorance. Since we have the great fortune to cultivate in Dafa, we should cultivate without omission and be dedicated to Dafa and Master wholeheartedly.

We should give up all our human thoughts and truly assimilate into the Fa of the universe. Since we have attained the Fa, haven't we attained everything? Why must we be attached to reaching a certain fixed level? Only by letting go of every attachment can we truly assimilate to Dafa. Don't we want to return to our true selves? Human beings are blocked by the ignorance of egotism and selfishness; with their current education, they don't believe in the existence of Gods; instead, they believe in the corrupted things such as "survival of the fittest" philosophy and "politics". Master said, "One accumulates virtue before one's birth. Monarch and his subjects, wealth and rank, all originate from virtue." ("Rich and Virtuous" in Essentials For Further Advances) On the other hand, the so-called "survival of the fittest" philosophy or "politics" only cause people to accrue karma without limit and drive mankind towards annihilation.

Now Master is expounding the Fa that can dispel all illusions and reveal the truth and the reality of the universe. We should not be restricted by human thoughts and the so-called objective world. We are Dafa practitioners. Dafa is most fundamental. From the perspective of the Fa, everything is within the Fa; from the perspective of the Fa rectification, nobody can remain at large. Master said, "Everyone is tested by this Fa; one either agrees with it or is against it."

Let's take a look at today's China: Why do Jiang xx and his accomplices dare to damage Dafa (in fact no one can harm the Fa)? Is China not within the Fa? It is absolutely impossible that it is not, as everything is within the Fa. Such being the case, our practice of cultivation in China is perfectly justified. As practitioners, we should only view things from the perspective of the Fa. As for Jiang xx's damage, remember Master said, "Think about it, even before I started to rectify this dimension, it was already under control." "As a practitioner, you have the fundamental test even till the last step of your cultivation process." To practice cultivation, we have to meet the requirement of the Fa rectification to tell the truth and eliminate the evil. During experience sharing, I often think: "Have we truly understood the Fa from the bottom of our hearts? Amidst validating Dafa and telling the truth, do we have the thought of gaining when we do Dafa work?" Some say going to Beijing means obtaining fruit status; I think this is ignorance. Validating Dafa and telling the truth is most noble only if we are doing it without these degenerated human notions. Also, when you distribute Dafa truth materials, in appearance, you, the person, are doing it, but in reality "you" are just a piece of clothes. Dafa has changed you internally; in fact, you are a Dafa particle wearing this piece of clothes and doing Dafa work. Master has said, "Actually, it is the Fa that saves people, and only the Master can do such a thing." ("Do Not Make Wild Statements" in Essentials For Further Advances)

Think about it, will this be done if we don't study Dafa? Then how can it be done today? It is because we are Dafa practitioners. Dafa's requirement is to "validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence..." ("Rationality") That should be our righteous thought and it is also the need and requirement of Dafa, the requirement of our true selves. That is, whatever we do for Dafa, we do for ourselves and for all sentient beings. In essence, however, it is Master who is eliminating the evil factors and initiating the new environments for all living beings. We should let Dafa emerge from our hearts and break through the restriction of old notions so as to let more people know and benefit from Dafa, and to expose and eliminate the evil forces.

There are those who were "transformed" at the labor camps. They had gone to Beijing with selfish motives, hoping to obtain their pursuit from Dafa. Master had expounded this in "Determination and Solidity", but they didn't measure themselves with it and eventually came to oppose Dafa. Every genuine practitioner is being tested to see if they are attached to "selfishness" or to the "Fa". Master has said, "Whether it is a Buddha, a Tao, an immortal, or a demon, they should not move your heart. In conducting oneself this way, success is bound to be in sight." (Zhuan Falun) "Grand talk counts for naught when it comes to life and death."("The Knowing Heart") Without genuinely regarding the Fa as Master, it is very difficult to pass the tests. We should not be driven by anyone or anythingwe can only regard the Fa as Master. Only Master and Dafa are truly selfless. Just think about it: Wouldn't the evils melt if they faced Master or Dafa? Why are they able to "transform" practitioners? It is because we have omissions in our cultivation. If we only have Master and Dafa in our minds, do they dare to tangle with us? They know they cannot exist in the strong energy field of righteous thought. Master said, "I am rooted in the universe. If anyone can harm you, he or she would be able to harm me. Put simply, the person would be able to harm this universe"(Zhuan Falun) The principle of inter-generation and inter-inhibition restricts them. If we are one hundred percent pure, they are not allowed to bother us.

Some say they can let go of life and death. In Dafa cultivation, I have enlightened to the fact that only Master can truly sacrifice everything completely for sentient beings in the whole universe. May all Dafa practitioners be sober-minded to Master's mighty, selfless sacrifice! With Dafa in our hearts, we should only think of others. One cannot do well in validating Dafa if he has enthusiasm but does not study the Fa. Not being able to validate the Fa proves one has not studied the Fa well. Only by assimilating to the Fa rectification wholeheartedly can one study the Fa well. Only by studying the Fa well can one assimilate to the Fa rectification wholeheartedly.

"Dafa is perfecting you and you are also fulfilling Dafa." ("The Fa Rectifies the Human Heart")

"The Buddha Fa is boundless, Falun rotates forever."