[Minghui Net] Discussions of the Self-Immolation Case

Right after Jiang Zemin and his associates staged the self-immolation incident, the State media apparatus started another cycle of vicious anti-Falun Gong propaganda. But how do ordinary citizens look at that incident? The following episodes, reported to us in the past few days, might help shed some light on this.

  1. A practitioner on a bus overheard two people talking about the self-immolation incident. One of them said, "They could not have been Falun Gong practitioners. It is impossible for them to do that kind of thing." Two work colleagues were discussing the same subject. One asked, "Do you know about the self-immolation by Falun Gong?" The other responded: "I don't believe at all that Falun Gong [practitioners] will burn themselves!"
  2. People living close to Hong Kong and Macao can watch and listen to Hong Kong television and radio stations directly and so they rarely watch programs from the Mainland. They say the people in Hong Kong report that it was not Falun Gong practitioners who did this.
  3. A practitioner handed a flyer questioning the official version of the self-immolation incident to a security guard, saying, "Someone put this in my bag. Why don't you take it and turn it in at the Neighborhood Committee and the District Public Security Office." After he finished reading the flyer, the security guard said, "This makes a lot of sense. It takes only one glance to know that it was phony. How could there have been such a coincidence that they (the policemen and TV reporters) just happened to be in that spot at the same time?" He also said that one day, when he has a chance, he would find a Falun Gong book and see what Falun Gong is really about.
  4. A security guard in a residential area said to the family of a practitioner, "Don't worry. Your child will be fine. Now all the policemen know that Jiang Zemin has done too many bad deeds. In the end, they (the practitioners) will come out well."
  5. A policeman visited a practitioner at home, trying to get updated information about him. He asked the practitioner for his views on the self-immolation case. The practitioner said that they were absolutely not Falun Gong practitioners and then asked the policeman for his opinion. The policeman said: "The self immolation definitely happened. But whether or not they were Falun Gong practitioners is ..." It seems that the policemen are not stupid either.
  6. One policeman told a practitioner in private, "The other day, I argued with the chief. Why did you ask me to arrest those people (the Falun Gong practitioners Translator notes) and bring them in? It makes everyone hate me because they think that I want to do it."

"Our party is capable of doing such things."

A principal of a Party School invited two of his classmates for dinner. These two classmates are Falun Gong practitioners. When the principal asked what they thought of the self-immolation incident at the Tiananmen Square, the two practitioners expressed their doubts about many parts of the occurrence. They said it was very likely that it had been set up by Jiang Zemin and his associates to frame Falun Gong.

The principal listened and uttered, "Our party is capable of doing such things."

"If not Falun Gong, what else is there to believe?"

One day, the chief of the Foreign Trade Department of a certain province invited colleagues from a seminar for dinner. Over the course of the meal, they talked about the corruption cases. Then the topic switched to the Falun Gong practitioners going to Beijing to appeal and the self-immolation case. The chief asked: "Why do these people believe in it (Falun Gong Translator notes) so much?" A division chief responded spontaneously, "The Party is so corrupt; no one believes in it anymore. If not Falun Gong, what else is there to believe?"

"I want to learn this too."

While I was posting flyers in a certain village on January 25 of this year, a security guard caught me. He wanted to me to go immediately to tear down the Dafa flyer I had just put up. I thought to myself that I should not let malevolence harm the Fa. I stepped in front of the posted Dafa flyer and said sternly, "No tearing!" He stepped aside. When I saw that none of them dared to touch it, I left with dignity.

After I had walked some distance away, I turned around and saw that same guard running up to me. He said, "Wait up." Out of breath, he smiled, "I am not coming to arrest you. I know you are all kind people. I want to ask for a few copies of Dafa flyers. I don't understand, why are you continuing to do this even after the superiors have banned you?" I recounted Master Li's teachings to him in some detail, as well as some arguments supporting the fabrication of the evidence shown on the TV. I also told him, "At the present time you are carrying out the invalid orders of Jiang Zemin to bring harm to good people. In fact you are helping unscrupulous people set fires and kill living beings. When the truth comes out, you will become a scapegoat." That person said, "Now I understand what this is all about. I want to learn this too." I told him that he could download the books from Clearwisdom.net for free, and could also learn from practitioners at a time convenient to him. The man thanked me repeatedly and left.