[Minghui Net] County Party Head Liu Minke, and Wang Limin (vice director of the Politics and Law Committee) lead the persecution of Dafa practitioners in Changle District of Weifang City [Shandong Province], the following are their evil deeds.

On the night of October 25, 2000, practitioners were illegally detained in Changle County. After three days, 24 alleged diehard practitioners were sent to "The First Term Falun Gong Practitioners Transformation Class," located in the former site of Army Unit 138. The "classroom" was actually an illegal jail. County officials prepared handcuffs, rubber batons, metal confinement devices, shields, and other torturous contraptions in the office. This place was worse than a jail.

On October 28, the vice-director of the county politics and law department, Wang Limin, ordered Dafa practitioners to sit on the floor, and he verbally abused them, "each person must pay 50 Yuan [about US$6, average monthly wage is about $25 in rural area in China] a day for the living expense even if you have to sell everything in your home or borrow it from others; if you cannot be transformed in one month then I shall keep you for two months, then to the next year; if you fail to be transformed, you will die here." Dafa practitioners could only eat three little steamed buns and a piece of salted vegetable, and drink half a bowl of water each day. They had to sit in an assigned area and in any posture specified by the guard. Talking was prohibited. They could not stand up unless they were permitted, and they had to report when leaving the room. The practitioners could only go to the bathroom at the guards' discretion. For example, if the guards were playing poker, the practitioners had to wait until they finished their games. The practitioners had to keep the lights on and the door open while sleeping. The watching people would check the room many times and the practitioners had to keep their eyes closed.

The female practitioners were able to barely live; the males suffered from the hunger. Even so, those unreasonable enforcers punished the Falun Dafa practitioners by forcing them to do strenuous, exhausting physical exercises: 30 push-ups, 50 half-sitting and half-standing stances and many walking activities EACH AND EVERY time! In this so-called "transformation class" that violated all human rights, the practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest the unlawful, outrageous treatment. On the 4th night, the beastly people started to force-feed the practitioners by roughly inserting tubes down their throats and filling them with substances. Two or three days later, they did it a second time. On the 7th night, a practitioner named Guo Suping, who had endured two unsuccessful force-feedings, felt an unclear sharp pain in her low abdomen, a pain that she noticed the day before. Fearing to take the responsibility for their treatment, which might endanger her life, they informed her work-unit leader. They sent her to No.2 Internal Medicine Department of Changle County. The diagnosis was the early stage of acute uremia [a condition that leads to kidney failure due to waste-products in the bloodstream]. The doctors said she would have died if she had delayed treatment for two days more. She remained in the hospital for 8 days. Before she was fully recovered, she was sent back to the "transformation class." Other practitioners continued the hunger strike for another 9-11 days.

In the so-called "transformation class," they tortured the practitioners with the most vicious and unimaginably savage means. Ten practitioners were subjected to the cruel abuse of beatings. Four to 5 hatchet men swung rubber batons, bed-boards (5 or 6 pieces were broken during the beating), rubber and bamboo strips to land heavy blows on the practitioners. One practitioner was beaten so hard that he could not walk for more than 10 days. Some practitioners, due to pain and wounds and weakness from the beatings, were not able to take off their sweaters. Dark bruises were visible all over their backs, legs and soles of their feet. Some skin was torn off during the abuse.

The vicious thugs classified one of the practitioners, Wang Deqin, as being "extremely anti-government," because On November 17, 2000, he wrote about his benefits from cultivating Falun Dafa and commented on the current status of Dafa. For that, he was viciously beaten. Twenty days later, they took off his overcoat by force and made him sit on the ground in the cold.

The attacks on Wang Deqin did not stop. On January 4, 2001, he was brutally tortured. Under the direction of Wang Aifen, director of the Women's Association in Wutu Town, two paid thugs, Wang Jian and Zhao Mintao, forcefully removed Wang Deqin's clothing. When he did not cooperate with them, the two thugs repeatedly struck his back with a wood board and a club. They proceeded to handcuff Wang Deqin to a bed leg, pour cold water on him, and strip him to his underwear. As they continued to pour cold water over his head, they forced him to sit on the cement with his legs flat on the floor. The two thugs compressed his ankles with a wooden board and asked another accomplice to press him to the ground. They beat his upper body with broom handles and bamboo strips with lumps. In a short while, his skin bruised into blue, red and purple and became bloated with blood. Yet this deadly treatment continued. They beat his legs and feet with wooden boards and then poured more cold water on him. To exacerbate the wounds, they poured boiling water on his lacerated skin and rubbed his wounds with a salted vegetable. They tortured him for 2 hours.

Dafa practitioner Zhu Hongde was tortured even more severely by Liu Shude (a member of the Judicatory Department of Qiaoguan Town). Every 2 or 3 days, Zhu Hongde was beaten with a wooden board. In the morning on November 20, 2000, Zhu Hongde was beaten so badly that he lost control of his bowels; nevertheless, Liu Shuqing and his accomplices continued to beat him. They disrobed him and asked him to wipe off the stool. After relocating, they resumed the beating.

Another practitioner, Gao Yuxiang, was tortured by the same bloody means as mentioned above. In addition, he was handcuffed and hung from a heating unit by a rope until he fainted.

Practitioner Zhao Fenghua endured a cerebral concussion. She needed help to go to the bathroom. Badly beaten, she crawled along the cement floor. But the policewoman Liu Yali malevolently said, "Do not help her. Let her creep by herself."

The same spiteful behavior was shown to Dafa practitioner Zheng Fuxiang. Mr. Zheng's wife, who was unable to bear the pressure of her family falling apart, drank a toxic pesticide when she found that her husband was sent to the "transforming class." Mr. Zheng was not permitted to go to the hospital to see his wife; he therefore worried about her and did not attend the "transforming class" that day. As punishment, he was assaulted two separate times, after which he could not even get out of his bed.

On January 6, a snowstorm was forecasted, so Wang Aifen, director of the Women's Association in Wutu Town, ordered her paid thugs to remove all the glass from the windows. On January 7, a heavy snowstorm hit. Practitioners suffered from the cold and were not permitted to cover the windows.

Other Dafa practitioners like Wang Yanhua, Wang Yanmei, Sun Shuyun, Wang Huizhen, Liu Cuihua, Liu Jincheng, Liu Jian, Zhang Wendong, Zhang Chengyu, Gao Yuxiang were all beaten. Every practitioner was warned not to speak out. They were forced to say that the bruises were caused by an accidental fall.

In addition, according to an insider, the city police department distributed baton guns, tear bombs and other armament to the police of counties and districts before the Spring Festival in order to suppress Falun Gong practitioners.

List of Vicious Persons:

Wang Limin (Vice Director of the Politics and Law Committee in Changle County)

Director Jin (Department of Propaganda)

Wang Aifen (Director of the Womens Association in Wutu Town)

Zhao Weidong (Director of Politics and Law Department in Qiaoguan Town)

Liu Chunxiang (Director of Wutu Town Police Office. He confiscated all the fines and personal belongings from Dafa practitioners)

Liu Shude (a member of the Judicatory Department of Qiaoguan Town)

Zhang Lejin (Director of Armed Force Department of Qinglong Town)

Li Xuchun, Zhao Mintao, Wang Jian, Zhang Jiyong, Liu Youxin, Liu Chunyu, Li XX (Wang Limin's driver), Du Haitao (operative team), Fan Tao (former 138 unit personnel), Liu Yali (policewoman).