[Minghui Net] In the year 2000, the Eastern Hefei Political and Legal Committee in Anhui province opened a "Falun Gong Re-education Class" in an Anhui tire factory. Their "Educational" methods were despicable. We are now disclosing this to the world.

1. Men were hired to brutally beat Falun Gong practitioners

The Committee hired Shijun Sun, an employee of an Anhui textile factory, to beat up practitioners on many occasions. The methods of torture included "The Airplane Posture" (the victim is forced to have his/her hands pulled back and then stretched to both sides of the body), "The Horse-Riding Posture" (the victim is forced to squat half way down for a long time), and sun burning (around noon time in July and August). Some practitioners' legs were crippled by the torturer. Some had their heads thrown against the wall by the torturer, some were slapped on the face with plastic slippers, and some were forced into "The Airplane Posture" for hours. To achieve their goal of "Transformation," torturers hit and kicked the practitioners, resulting in numerous injuries. The practitioners bore severe physical and mental pain. Even practitioners' relatives who came to visit were beaten and forcibly given illegal body searches.

2. They forcibly collected money and showed no moral decency

The "Re-education Class" lasted for several months. Over ten Falun Gong practitioners were each initially forced to pay 1,000 RMB per month to cover meal costs. The fee was then increased to 1,500 RMB. At the end of the class, everyone was forced to pay a security deposit ranging in cost from 3,000 to 5,000 RMB.

Meanwhile, the vicious persecutors often spent the money they collected for personal entertainment and then only used the leftovers for practitioners. The practitioners' meal quantities were limited and everyday they felt hungry.

3. "Re-education Class" illegally restricted practitioner's personal freedom

During the "Re-education Class", the restriction imposed on practitioners' freedom was even stricter than at the detention centers. In the hot summer days, those vicious persecutors locked the practitioners in their rooms. Over ten female practitioners were crammed into one small room; they had to urinate in the room and for bowel movements they had to ask permission to go to the bathroom. Due to 24-hour illegal monitoring, the female practitioners were not allowed to lock their doors at night. While Shijun Sun was drunk one night; he broke into the female practitioners' room and tried to harass them.

Listed above are the criminal acts of this group of vicious persecutors. The reason they treated Falun Gong practitioners as such is because of the support and participation they have from the leaders of the Eastern Hefei Political and Legal Committee. During the entire course of the "Re-education Class", Falun Gong practitioners had conformed to the teaching of Master Li Hongzhi; do not hit others when they hit you, do not curse at others when they curse at you. They fully demonstrated their great forbearance and compassion. It is obvious as to who is righteous and who is evil.

For this very reason, we warn Shiyuan Xu, Guoyou Yuan, Lei Zhou, Chuang Ma, Xinguo Liu from the Eastern Hefei Political and Legal Committee, Shijun Sun from Datong Street, and Mr. Wang from the Eastern City Court. Don't ignorantly destroy yourself and don't become Jiang Zemin's partners in crime.