Dafa Practitioners Who Leave Their Homes to Safeguard Dafa Wish Our Teacher a Happy New Year Greetings to our Teacher! Under the test of cruel suppression, we give up all of the everyday people's attachments to the home and leave our homes to safeguard Dafa. At present, more and more Dafa practitioners are being forced to leave their homes. Some practitioners have been away from home since the end of 1999. Here we bring their greetings to you. We also bring you the greetings of all the Dafa practitioners who are away from home or are staying in Beijing! These practitioners are all alone, away from home to safeguard Fa, and thus they understand even better what Teacher has done for us. Now they comprehend even more clearly Teacher's Great Compassion, and what Teacher has taught. The practitioners who are away from home will emit even more brilliant flares to rectify the Fa. Now that we have left our homes, no everyday people's bad influence is with us. We clearly know that it will not be long before the Fa rectifies the universe, and we will press forward with indomitable will to promote the Fa and clarify the truth. We will safeguard and promote the Fa until the Fa rectifies what is corrupted; we will pave the road for Teacher's return. In the mean time, we will use our limited time to study the Fa and do the exercises. Heshi, All Dafa practitioners who are away from home Written by practitioners in Northeast China Spring Festival of 2001 Dafa Practitioners in Hainan Province Wish Our Teacher a Happy New Year Greetings to our Teacher in the holiday season of Spring Festival! Also, greetings to all staff of Minghui Net and Dafa practitioners all over the world! Finally, we wish all kind-hearted people in the world a happy New Year! All the Dafa practitioners in Hainan province, China January 27, 2001 Dafa Practitioners in Jinzhou City Wish Our Benevolent and Great Teacher a Happy New Year In the holiday season of Spring Festival, Dafa practitioners in Jinzhou city miss our Teacher very much. Teacher, please be assured that we will continue to do our best to help Teacher in rectifying the Fa, and to thoroughly expose the wrongful oppression in the New Year. Heshi with both hands, Dafa practitioners in Jinzhou city, Spring Festival of 2001 January 28, 2001