[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province]

In January 2001, dozens of Dafa practitioners from Pengzhou went to Beijing to appeal for on behalf of Falun Gong. Some of them were released and sent back after being severely beaten at the Tiananmen District Public Security Office and Detention Center. After 12 practitioners from Mengyang County in Pengzhou returned, they were detained in a room where a few hired perpetrators broke in and beat them. Because these perpetrators were afraid of being recognized, they turned off the lights before they commenced the vicious beating. Later, these 12 practitioners were forced to stand on high chairs in a public place. These practitioners were also paraded through the streets with cardboard signs hanging on their chests as public humiliation. Eventually, they were thrown into the Pengzhou Detention Center, waiting to be sentenced to labor camps. Around significant public holidays or dates such as April 25, May 13, July 22, January 1 and Spring Festival, quite a few Pengzhou practitioners would be unlawfully taken into custody and held at the local detention center. Those practitioners who weren't taken away would be under heavy surveillance day and night.

At the same time, the Municipal Government of Pengzhou collected fines from Dafa practitioners without legal justification. Jiang Qunhua, the former chief contact person of the Pengzhou Assistance Center, was arrested and fined 40,000 yuan (average monthly salary of an urban worker is about 500 yuan). Also, authorities confiscated a shop owned by her family. It has been said that she would be sentenced to 6 years.

Wang Jian (alias), a practitioner from Mengyang County, was fined more than 10,000 yuan.

Deng Chuanjiu, a practitioner from Nanyang County of Pengzhou, was severely beaten by people from the Village authority. He had bruises all over his body. He was later held at the Detention Center, awaiting sentencing to labor camp. In 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal. He was arrested and subsequently sent back. Because he was not able to come up with a few thousand yuan to pay the fine, his home was raided by the Nanyang County authorities, who took away all his food and valuables.

Wang Yinglian (alias), a practitioner from Wanjia Village of Zhihe Borough in Pengzhou, went to Beijing to appeal. She was caught and sent back. She was ordered to pay a fine of more than 10,000 yuan by the Borough authority. They threatened her family members that if they did not come up with the money, they would confiscate the furniture in their wood factory. Threatened by a group of perpetrators led by Huang, the chief of the Borough, her family had no choice but to remit 10,000 yuan. In addition, her family members had to flatter these people and treated them to a banquet that cost more than 200 yuan, temporarily ending the case.

In May 2000, more than 70 practitioners exercised in front the Pengzhou City Public Security Bureau. All of them were arrested and illegally fined 3,000 yuan each.

Salary payments of a teacher practitioner in a high school of Pengzhou were withheld because she continued to practice Dafa. She was only given 200 yuan a month as living expenses. Her daughter was unable to find a job because many companies were afraid to hire her knowing her mother was a Dafa practitioner. In the end, she had to go to a coastal city to work. As with many other Dafa practitioners, this teacher's home has been illegally raided many times. She has also been fined 3,000 yuan without any reason.

A practitioner from Huguo Village of Zhihe Borough in Pengzhou has been detained by Xijiao District Public Security Bureau many times without proper reasons.

You Quanfu, a practitioner from Tianpeng County of Pengzhou, was sentenced to 1 year in a labor camp for travelling to Beijing to appeal. After he was released from labor camp, the Political and Legal Committee of Pengzhou and Pengzhou Public Security Bureau tried to use him to do the transformation work, but to no avail. Upset by the result, they sent You Quanfu to a mental hospital and made him stay there for more than 20 days. Because the entire You family practices Dafa, at present his wife and 2 sisters are detained at Nanmusi Female Labor Camp. While the entire family was being detained at labor camps, You's 4-year-old son died of electric shock. There were no witnesses. His second sister-in-law is still being detained at Pengzhou Detention Center for distributing Dafa materials.

Some corrupt government officials blackmailed and abused these kind-hearted people. Other Dafa practitioners were fined at least 1,000 yuan.

The lawlessness of the gang of Jiang Zemin is revealed as they penalize good citizens while praising illegal and abusive actions and when they tolerate corruption while persecuting law-abiding people.

However, Dafa practitioners of Pengzhou are not giving in. Close to 10,000 practitioners are very determined to keep up with the Fa rectification progress and assist the Teacher in safeguarding the Fa.

An incomplete list of the worst of the persecutors in Pengzhou:

Huang, Secretariat of the Pengzhou Political and Legal Committee: (Please call 114 to look up his telephone number)

Tang, Chief of Political and Security Department, (tel.: 86-28- 3871726)

Wu, Policeman, (Beeper: 86- 126 0034719)