Collecting and Using E-mail addresses: Overcome China's information blockade.

We suggest collecting e-mail addresses in order to clarify the truth via the Internet. A practitioner can collect e-mail addresses at work. He can attend all kinds of company and business activities. He can collect them from media organizations and through Chinese websites. Practitioners from Mainland China: Keep in mind the dangers of sending truth-clarifying e-mails. Don't forget to be careful.

87 Solemn Statements Received from Mainland China Today

Today, eighty-seven practitioners issued solemn statements. They declared that all words and actions coerced from them while being persecuted or tortured are not valid. They vow to redouble their efforts to make up for the damage they have caused Dafa by eliminating the evil and clarifying the truth.

The No. 2 Detention Center in Handan City, Hebei Province brutally tortures Dafa practitioners.

Near the end of November 2000, a 16-year-old female practitioner held a hunger strike to protest the unconstitutional imprisonment of Dafa practitioners. She was forced-fed and tortured. She was struck with electric batons under her armpits, on the back of her head, and upon her face and lips. The cruel policeman, Dai, even stuck the electric baton into her mouth, causing her lips to become severely swollen. She was unable to eat for several days.

á News Abroad

The Chinese government ignores the laws of other countries and exports state terrorism into Russia.

Cultivation Story

One evening in late September four plainclothes policemen broke into my home to confiscate Dafa books, Teacher's scriptures, Teacher's pictures, and truth-clarifying materials. My spouse and I were illegally detained. We promoted the Fa to the police with pure, compassionate hearts. We talked about the benefits that we had obtained from Dafa practice. We were released the next day. I realized that only by using the Fa as the teacher could we take each step on the path of cultivation during Fa rectification steadily. .

A practitioner used her life to protect Dafa and became a true Dafa practitioner. This practitioner only participated twice in group practice. She went to Beijing to appeal for an end to the persecution of Falun Dafa, twice. The perpetrators tortured her brutally. In April 2001, the practitioner was kidnapped and detained. However, the practitioner did not cooperate with the evil and went on a hunger strike for 31 days and was released after that.

Practitioners in an area in south-central China clarified the truth of Dafa and exposed the evil by distributing truth-clarifying materials to thousands of homes. Their actions protected Dafa and helped to suffocate the evil. The brainwashing session held by the police for detained practitioners was turned into an experience sharing conference that promoted Dafa. There were many vivid and moving stories about Fa rectification in the area.

Friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, and even the service people who deliver natural gas tanks are all people that practitioners clarify the truth to. While attending the wedding of one of my colleagues, I saw that a vicious person responsible for a lot of the persecution of Falun Dafa was there too. I said to myself, "He should not be here to interfere with my clarifying the truth." Someone immediately called to him: "Your wife fell to the ground while she was doing business at the wholesale center." He left and I told the people near me about the virtue of Dafa and exposed the lies of the government propaganda.

Keep the Fa-rectification striding forward firmly. Last year a practitioner and I went to the residential districts. There were various village and town officials, as well as judicial and public security police officers to distribute truth-clarifying materials to. Suddenly, two policemen came up to us. We simultaneously thought: "We are divine beings protecting Dafa in the human world. We do not let evil doers see us." We kept distributing materials with the policemen walking behind us. Yet, they could not see us. Finally the two policemen reluctantly said: "Tonight we again came up empty-handed."

In April 1996, a Dafa practitioner went back to his hometown to visit relatives. In his home, he played the cassette tapes of teacher Li's lectures. Many people came from the neighborhood to hear. The miracles appeared very quickly. After his mother started to practice, her blindness was cured. After his uncle started to practice, the hypertension he had suffered from suddenly vanished. There are innumerable such examples. Everybody in my hometown says, "Falun Dafa is good".

When a Dafa practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts, he saw the scenes in other dimensions. Here is his story. I thought, "The merciful Master moved me with his great hand away from the mire. I must increase my efforts and do more." When I stood at the center of Golden Water Bridge over Tiananmen, I did not have any fear. I calmly unfolded the banner in front of the armed police and public security officers and shouted loudly "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!" In the detention center, I confidently faced torture from the evil guards. After these cruel people had used up all their tricks, I was released from the devil's lair.