The suburbs cover a vast area, and distributing truth-clarifying literature by motorcycle is swift and expedient. We distributed flyers to every residence. We also put them at the entrances to villages or markets. The people in the villages like to read and talk about flyers with a variety of topics and a lot of pictures. The truth about Dafa can thus be disseminated quickly among the masses.

We can utilize motorcycles in the cities too. Bridges, high-rise buildings, and anywhere with lots of people are ideal places to distribute flyers. By distributing small quantities frequently, we can complete the job rapidly and cover a large area within a day. We have achieved very good results this way. Another good method is to toss red paper packets containing Dafa flyers while driving around the city on a motorbike. Traditionally, in China, people use such bags to pack gifts for festivals. People are very likely to pick up a red bag on the ground.

Those who distribute flyers this way must maintain strong righteous thoughts and a stable and determined state of mind, which are related to their daily Fa study and practice. We also have planned strategies using rational thinking. The wisdom gained from cultivation in Dafa enables us to rise to the occasion. We often solicit help from family members and others, thus affording them invaluable opportunities for a good future.

I have been working together with my husband. Once, he drove and I tossed the packets of flyers. Three thousand packets, which took practitioners 2 days to prepare, were distributed in no time. Sometimes, I also ride the motorcycle alone. Usually 1000 packs can be distributed in 2 hours. Red packets have become associated with Falun Gong. We often hear that the authorities have urged people to hand in the red packets they have picked up. This generates a lot of curiosity.

This method is even more applicable to bigger cities. By targeting specific areas, we can distribute the flyers efficiently. In the morning, we go to the daytime markets. In the evenings, we go to the nighttime markets. During the holidays, we go to the factories, where the workers are busy working overtime and have little contact with Dafa materials. If they get to know the truth, they will tell their friends and relatives. We frequent supermarkets, entertainment centers, and schools. We particularly like going to the primary and middle schools, where the innocent children are more susceptible to the lies of the old forces. The motorcycle is swift. We can take off quickly if we encounter any problems.

As long as it is in accordance with the Fa, we can go wherever and do whatever we want to. The evil forces can do nothing about it.

Human beings will encounter difficulties and tribulations in the world, but nothing can stop the Fa or particles of Dafa. We work together. There is no concern for how much work there is or who among us will do it. The answer is to treat the Fa with a pure heart. We should put right the relationship with the Fa, Teacher, and other Dafa practitioners.

The above is my understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.