(Clearwisdom.net) On September 29th, 2001, Peng Yi, Director of the General Social Administration Office, brought a policeman and three staff members from the town government to the homes of Falun Dafa practitioners Sun Xiaoli, Li Jinfang, Yin Chengqiong, and Tang Tianzhen. They escorted the practitioners to a brainwashing class in the Town of Shuitu. The brainwashing class was set up at Shiqiu Nursing Home. Each of the practitioners was subject to solitary confinement in a small room with an iron door. The practitioners were monitored 24 hours a day. The monitors were notorious in the community for their immorality. On October 5th, practitioner Tang Xiaozhen wrote on the wall of her small room, "Falun Gong is Righteous!" Immediately afterwards, the Shuitu Station police sent her to the Beipei Detention Center.

On October 24th, Peng Yi had several men block the only window at the end of the narrow passage. When practitioner Huang Zhongqing expressed disagreement about this, Peng Yi grabbed him by the throat and started to strangle him. Huang Zhongqing's neck became so bruised and swollen that he was unable to eat. Because of this incident, other practitioners have started a collective hunger strike to defend basic human rights.

The practitioners in this brainwashing class are innocent. Peng Yi has illegally detained them. He has not followed any legal procedures. These innocent people are in a desperate situation and urgently need help.

Here is a list of practitioners who have been illegally detained in the brainwashing class:

Sun Xiaoli, female, 33, resident of Longan Village, Town of Shuitu. Because of her commitment to cultivating Dafa, she has been illegally sent to a detention center once, a brainwashing class once, a custodial center twice, and sentenced to forced labor from July 25th, 2000 to September 17th, 2001.

Tang Tianzhen is a female medical doctor and retired employee of a state enterprise. Because of her commitment to cultivating Dafa, she was illegally sentenced to forced labor from August of 2000 to September 19th, 2001.

Li Jinfang, female, 56, is a resident of Wulang Village, Town of Shuitu. Because of her commitment to cultivating Dafa, she has been repeatedly sent to brainwashing classes. She was sent to brainwashing classes four times, a detention center twice, and the custodial center once. She has been illegally detained at a brainwashing class from May 24th to August 9th of this year.

Huang Zhongqing, male, 32, is a resident of Longan Village in the Town of Shuitu. Because of his commitment to cultivating Dafa, he has been sent to brainwashing classes five times, and to a detention center three times. On May 24th, 2001, he was forcibly taken to a brainwashing class and illegally detained there. From May 24th to August 8th, he was detained in the Town of Shuitu. From August 8th to September 30th, he was detained in the 8th session of the brainwashing class at Beipei District. He was sent back to the Town of Shuitu on September 30 for illegal detention.

The following are some of the criminal acts committed by Huang Tongshan, Beipei District resident:

Huang Tongshan is a resident of Beipei District in Chongqing City, and an elementary school teacher. He is notorious for his violent and abusive actions toward practitioners. On May 26th, 2000, Huang Tongshan, along with Tang Guoneng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Town of Shuitu, and a few other criminals, forced practitioner Yin Chengqiong to press her fingerprints onto a "guarantee to stop practicing" statement. Huang Tongshan had written the statement in advance. In May, Huang Tongshan tried to force 59-year-old practitioner Sun Pingui to write a "guarantee letter". When Sun refused, Huang Tongshan flew into a rage. He shouted at Sun abusively, then beat Sun and slapped her five times. After that, he demanded that Sun stand on one leg for more than an hour. The temperature in Chongqing was very high this year from May 24th through August. Huang Tongshan forcibly locked three practitioners in a small, airtight room, with no fan. He used these kinds of methods to torture the practitioners for the whole summer.

The phone number of the "610 Office" in the Town of Shuitu at Beipei District, Chongqing City is 86-138-8321-9868 (The "610 Office" is a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches)