(Clearwisdom.net) During a deep meditation, I realized that the difference between Fa-rectification period practitioners and normal cultivators is that we not only have a divine side, but also have a side that is dissolved into the Dafa of the cosmos, one which is connected to the foundation of the cosmos and dissolved into the unimaginable, enormous Fa rectification force. That side knows everything and is clear about everything. Wherever it arrives it dissolves unrighteous things and harmonizes everything. The "righteous" represses the evil. Why should the "righteous" make any sacrifices? Why should the Fa suffer any losses because we have not really let our Fa-side shine forth. Only the Fa is indestructible, and we Dafa particles whose lives are in the Fa and who are cultivated by the Fa are connected to the foundation of the cosmos.

As I sent forth righteous thoughts, it was as if my life had dissolved into the boundless Dafa. I had no shape, no "me," and wherever I went, the evil disappeared like mist under the sun. Only brightness, righteousness and wonderfulness remained. Every particle basked in boundless benevolence and righteous enlightenment.

No matter how high a divine being's level is, s/he is limited and insignificant in Fa-rectification. Only the Fa is harmonious and indestructible. We are Dafa particles. We are different from other divine beings, as we have a side that is directly connected to the Fa. We shouldn't be restricted by any unrighteous elements in the old cosmos. We are connected to the fundamental law of the universe and are not controlled by corrupt beings, even if they are more microscopic beings than we are. We can walk our own, righteous paths that are endowed by the Master Buddha, despite the persecution that is blanketing the whole earth and sky. In this chilling winter, in which the evil prepares for its last struggle, we will demonstrate even more the power that originates from the more microscopic level of our beings. We are a part of the Fa's particular manifestation at different levels, and we are the specific manifestation of the law of the cosmos in the human world. We cannot be "tested," cannot be blasphemed and we cannot be tried. We rectify and harmonize everything; we should not and will not suffer any losses.