December 4, 2001

One Dafa practitioner in a big city in northern China was going abroad on a study tour with her work unit. She went to the police station to go through formalities for going abroad and the police refused to stamp her documents because she practiced Falun Gong. This practitioner then went to the police department and ran into a woman who had come to report that she had received an envelope containing Dafa truth-clarifying materials. One policeman angrily shouted at the woman, "The materials were mailed to you. You can read them if you like. If you don't want to look at them, you deal with them yourself. What do you want me to do if you give them to me?" Then the policeman turned around and saw this practitioner standing nearby and asked her, "Why are you here?" This practitioner answered, "I practice Falun Gong and am going abroad on a study tour. But the police station refused to stamp my documents, so I have come here to ask for justice." After listening to her, the policeman politely said to her, "Please sit down first." Then he turned to that woman and shouted at her, "Take your stuff and leave here right away!" The policeman shut the door with a "bang" as he was speaking and then very politely talked with this practitioner.

In the same city, the husband of a Dafa practitioner went to the Politics and Security Section of the Police Department because his wife was abducted from her home by people from the "610" office and police station without any reason and was still being detained. The Chief of the Politics and Security Section said, "Things have come to such a state just because of one sentence from Jiang Zemin. It is really asking for trouble." The Vice Chief of the Section said, "If policemen from the police station come to your home again, you drive them out." The husband of this practitioner said, "How dare I drive them out? They don't listen to me even if I talk to them politely and kindly." The Vice Chief said, "Don't be afraid. Drive them out if they come to harass you again. Tell them I asked you to do so."