A Falun Gong practitioner who worked at a hospital was sentenced to two years in a labor camp. A doctor asked: "Why doesn't our hospital strive harder to get him out?" "We've bailed him out twice before." The cadre in charge of security answered. "The previous two times weren't significant, because we knew he would be released after 15 days anyway." The doctor insisted, "This time it is crucial, and we should not give up. Such a good, highly skilled man and good worker is hard to come by."

A female employee in a hospital told a Dafa practitioner: "I don't know about other practitioners; I only know the two of you in the hospital. I'll firmly say to anyone who says bad things about Falun Gong: 'Shut up!'"

A retired female employee from a certain hospital told a practitioner: "I believe in Buddha too and all Buddha Fa practitioners are of one family, so I have no ill feeling towards Falun Gong. You and Dr. Fan are good persons."

A hospital staff member went to see his dentist, who is a Dafa practitioner. After he learned that the dentist was arrested for producing literature telling the truth about Dafa, he sighed: "Another good man is being persecuted; this society has been turned upside down."

A high school chemistry teacher said: "One of my relatives used to be very sick. After she practiced Falun Gong, she not only recovered from all her illnesses but also became energetic. But, due to the incessant pestering from the police and the local authorities, the old lady had to give up cultivation out of fear. Her health immediately relapsed to the former state. Moreover, she also developed psychoneurosis, which required her to pay a 3000 Yuan medical bill to the hospital on a regular basis.