The Ranks of Those Who Persecute Dafa Are Filled With Ex-Convicts

Ye Xiaoke (Former name: Ye Yun), 21 years old, from the 13th Team, Lianglukou Township, Shifang City, Deyang District, was a worker at Nanxin Company, Xinan Chemical Machinery Branch. In February 2001, Ye Xiaoke was a hired thug at a Lianglukou Township Brainwashing Class. During this period of time, Ye brutally persecuted Dafa practitioners. He cursed Teacher and the Dafa practitioners, and beat and tortured the practitioners frequently. Now, he has received retribution. In November 2001, he stole materials from his company and was fired.

At the same time, we also noticed that many of those who persecuted Dafa practitioners were ex-convicts. We advise these people to stop doing evil deeds or face their retribution.

A Peasant Receives Retribution For Tearing Down Truth-Clarifying Literature

In November 2001, a peasant, Li Zhaosui, from Mutan Hamlet, Mapaoquan Village, Beidao District, Tianshui City of Gansu Province, used his spade to tear down the truth-clarifying literature, which were posted on street lamp poles by Dafa practitioners at the risk of their lives.

The next morning, Li Zhaosui was struck by a car in his village and had to be hospitalized.

A Policeman Receives Retribution for Persecuting Dafa Practitioners

Since July 20th, 1999, when Jiang Zemin's political gang began to persecute Falun Gong, policeman Yuan Ye of Qian An County Public Security Bureau in Jilin Province has been illegally arresting and abusing Dafa practitioners. In the summer of 2000, his son was hit by a car and seriously injured. This was heaven's warning. The policeman created a lot of karma and caused his family members to share the suffering also.

We sternly warn those who have persecuted Dafa: Good deeds will be rewarded and bad deeds will receive retribution - this is heaven's law. Stop your vicious actions and do not lose too much of your virtue, otherwise, you will be severely punished in the future when the Fa rectifies the cosmos.