(Clearwisdon.net) The notorious Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province followed secret orders from "higher authorities" telling them to dispatch male guards to work in cells used to detain female practitioners with the excuse of "enforcing rules." They tortured and humiliated female practitioners using various cruel and inhuman measures.

The Wanjia Labor Camp created a local "610" office, which is headed by Wei Xueying. The office gathered male thugs, led by Xiao Lin, and female guards, Yang Libin, Wang Yali, Wang Xiaoli, and Cui Hong, and used state terrorism to launch a new wave of persecution towards female Dafa practitioners. They were doing everything they could to persecute Dafa practitioners, regardless of the consequences. They are very evil and very vicious. They arranged for five criminals to monitor one Dafa practitioner and allowed the criminals to use any form of punishment to torture the practitioner. For those practitioners who didn't yield, the criminals sent them directly to the guards for further harassment. Policemen and bullies in the cells formed an "alliance" where the criminals became the guards assistants and were named "secondary guards." In the Wanjia Labor Camp, guards, policemen, and dregs of society join forces to torture and humiliate Dafa practitioners. Practitioners who insisted on studying the Fa and practicing were the first ones beaten by the criminals. They were then forcibly confined in a cold and damp "solitary cell" by police. Practitioners who were confined in the "solitary cell" were Miao Chunyan and Yang Shuhua who's terms were illegally extended, and those who obtained Dafa in the labor camp, such as Zheng Guiqin, Li Changyun, Zhang Guiqin, Wang Ying, Zhang Yanfang, Feng Shurong etc. These practitioners endured the cold and wet cell, as well as torment such as forced deprivation of meals. They were only provided a small amount of gruel each day but were often beaten, shocked with electric batons, and tortured with the "Tying the Ropes" (please visit http://clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html for an explanation of this torture method).

Since the formation of the "610" office at Wanjia Labor Camp, the evil forces have intensified their persecution towards female Falun Dafa practitioners imprisoned there. The situation for practitioners there has been getting worse. The evil forces have acted even more uncontrollable, and the means they use to torture practitioners are crueler. However, their inhuman performance can never shake the great determination of Falun Dafa practitioners towards Dafa and our Teacher.

Let's join our strength together to eradicate the evil forces behind the Wanjia Labor Camp and welcome the arrival of great triumph.