At around 9 a.m. on November 17, 2001, the terrorist "610" Office (a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches) from Xinji City, Hebei Province gathered more than 10 vicious police who climbed into the courtyard of a practitioner's rented home. They forcefully handcuffed the three practitioners, Chen Ping (female), Li Zhiyong and his wife, to the bedpost, and then started to illegally search their house. At around 9:30 a.m., Shijiazhuang Dafa practitioner Liu Kunjian (Chen Ping's husband) knocked on the door and was dragged into the house by the waiting police, where he was beaten and kicked. They used their stiff leather shoes to ferociously kick and stomp on Liu's chest and legs. Liu sustained many injuries to the chest and the rest of the body.

The evil police stole their photocopier, one motorcycle, four bicycles, four beepers, two mobile phones and approximately 8,000 Yuan [Approximately 16 months' salary of an average urban worker in China]. That day at noon, the four practitioners were kidnapped and brought to the Xinji City Police Department for a "trial." Dafa practitioner Chen Ping and Lai Zi (alias) were brutally beaten because they refused to co-operate with such an unlawful trial. Police used a 20 cm by 100 cm rifle butt and a steel pipe to strike at practitioner Chen Ping's chest. They then handcuffed Chen from behind and pushed her to the ground. Two police placed the pipe on top of Chen's calves and with one on each side, they used all their strength to stamp and squash the pipe downwards. Chen Ping, this brave and determined Dafa practitioner, bit down and did not make a sound until she fainted from the pain. During this time, police Geng Zhanfeng (vicious criminal who has been exposed by Clearwisdom.net many times for his persecution of Falun Gong) brutally hit practitioner Chen's face until it became swollen and deformed. Due to the unsuccessful trial, the police confined Chen Ping and Liu Kunjian inside a room for four days during which the two practitioners went on a hunger strike. After four days, they were forcefully brought back to the Shijiazhuang Shidian Hotel while the four other practitioners were kept at Xinji City to be persecuted further.

At the Shidian Hotel, Chen Ping and Liu Kunjian were confined in rooms 105 and 109 respectively and were handcuffed all day to steel chairs. The head of the main team of the State Political Protection Department tried to tempt the practitioners who resolutely refused to co-operate. During this time, Liu Kunjian was forcefully fed water. Four days later Liu Kunjian had high blood pressure and severe heart illness. The police in the main team of the State Political Protection Department were afraid to take responsibility so they called in the doctor for a check up. Even though the doctor said that Liu Kunjian's health was in a very bad state, they still wanted to send Liu to labor camp. The doctor said, "With such severe injuries, any place would be too afraid to accept this person." The heartless police yelled, "Are you trying to die here? Are you trying to cause us trouble?" Later the evil officials at the Eastern Heat Gas Company and the state "610" Office started to secretly plot the continual persecution of practitioners. Liu Kunjian, with righteous thoughts, firmly refused to co-operate at the entrance to the City's Number Three Hospital and exposed the evil to the surrounding crowd. He said, "My name is Liu Kunjian, I'm a worker at the Eastern Heat Gas Company. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, they are persecuting me, if I die, then it is because of their torture!" The company and the police station did not know what to do and after asking for instructions at the "610" Office, they reluctantly sent the both mentally and physically tortured Liu Kunjian back home. Liu Kunjian's spouse, Chen Ping, is still currently being illegally detained and has been on a hunger strike for more than 10 days. The situation is very urgent!

The criminals and related departments:

Xinji City "610" Office: 86-311-3253091, 3253092

Head of the Xinji City Police Department Political Protection Unit, Geng Zhanfeng: home no. 86-311-3223752

Xinji City Police Department address: Xinhua Road

Main switchboard: 86-311-3221072, 3223241, 3221203, 3222019, 3223243, 3223363, 3221060

Xinji City Politics and Law Committee: 86-311-3221650, 3233013

Appeals Office: 86-311-3252375

Shijiazhuang City Political Protection Team: leader, Xiao Suxiang, 86-311-7725449

Deputy leader, Ma Wensheng (murderer of a Changzhou City practitioner), secret phone: 86-311-7726574

Middle team leader, Deng Fang, Li Section Chief (responsible for religion issues)

Shijiazhuang Eastern Heat Gas Group Pty Ltd address: 24 Jianhua South Road

Telephone: 86-311-5051970, 5051971, 5053918, 5053917, 5053394, 5053393, 5053392, 5053391, 5053390, 5053378, 5053389, 5053342, 5053915, 5053914, 5053912, 5053911, 5053909, 5053592, 5053469, 5053468, 5053467, 5053466, 5053465, 5053464, 5053463, 5053462, 5053458, 5053398, 5053399, 5084425, 5084423, 5053926, 55053925, 5053924, 5053396, 5053395

Shijianzhuang City Politics and Law Committee: 86- 311-6886357

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