(Clearwidom.net) One day in an airport, we distributed Dafa materials to Chinese people who were leaving for China. After two hours, all of us had run out of materials and we were quite happy. We had distributed more than 200 flyers. As more Chinese people came over to ask about Falun Gong, we had to explain the truth to them orally. Fortunately, some more Dafa newspapers and booklets arrived in time so that they could pick one up one before leaving.

A Chinese airport worker came to our location and said, "I want to listen to Falun Gong music." We were pleased to promise that we would bring it to him next time. He told us that he had collected a lot of discarded Falun Gong materials before, and all the materials were in good condition. He kindly kept them and returned them to us. Through his reading Dafa materials, doing good deeds, and predestined relationship, he wanted to have a deeper understanding of Dafa.