(Clearwisdom.net) In the past, whenever I started to have problems with a printer or a computer, I would send forth righteous thoughts. The same thoughts always appeared in my mind: "I can control them. Compared to them, I am at a more microscopic level and more powerful. They should function the way that I want them to. In addition, they are doing Fa-rectification work, and it is their great fortune to be given such a magnificent and solemn task. They should treasure it." Even though these kinds of "righteous thoughts" sometimes worked a little bit, the end results were generally less than desirable. I knew that I had a heart of "pursuit," but I also knew that I had something else on top of that. I just did not know what it was.

One day, I finally figured out what was going on. I was printing copies of Clearwisdom editorials, and I started to have problems with the printer. It would print a couple of pages successfully and then a bad page would come out. I tried everything I could to get it working normally. I sent forth righteous thoughts and searched internally. I then told myself that I should not get agitated, that I should take things slowly. I would study the Fa to calm my heart and then go back and try again. Then a thought suddenly occurred to me -- why is it that I always wanted to be in command? The computer equipment and I were created by Dafa and were both doing Fa-rectification work. There are different levels in Dafa, but as a Dafa particle, I should not have the notion of which one of us is higher or lower. What does Fa-rectification rectify? It does not rectify our levels. It rectifies everything that is not righteous. Whether I am at a high level or a low level is not important at all, as long as I conduct myself most righteously.

If I were at a high level but not righteous myself, wouldn't all the levels below me become unrighteous as well? I believe that the meaning of existence for a life is to assimilate to "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance." It is the most righteous, the purest, and the best. Even though I am still at the human level, my conduct should be the most righteous at this level. Understanding this, I no longer wanted to be in command of the machines. I felt that I should use my purity and righteousness to melt away their unrighteousness and return them to a most righteous state. After these thoughts appeared, a fellow practitioner who rarely dealt with maintenance of the machines walked up to me from another room. I explained the situation to her. She told me that when she was doing Dafa work in a different city, she had encountered the same situation. Nobody could figure out what to do until finally a fellow practitioner thought of wiping the printing belt clean with a piece of paper, which solved the problem. Once I heard that, I found a piece of clean tissue paper and gently wiped the belt. I then tried to print again. The problem was immediately solved and has never happened again.

From this, I came to the realization that as Fa-rectification Dafa practitioners, our mission is not to elevate our own individual levels. Instead, it is to rectify everything that is not righteous and has become deviated. It is to make ourselves reach the most righteous and purest state, and then use our pure and righteous lives to melt away everything that is unrighteous.

The above is just my understanding. If it contains anything unrighteous, please point it out to me.