(Clearwisdom.net) Several of the Western Falun Dafa practitioners who had gone to Tiananmen Square and unfurled the large Dafa banner there also planned to attend the Experience Sharing conference in Taiwan. They stopped in Hong Kong on their way, where I was one of two practitioners who were in charge of welcoming them. I had been deeply touched by the heroic actions of the Western practitioners at Tiananmen. Now, as we met each other, I really wanted to share experiences with them. The bravery and fearlessness of Zenon in particular had really moved all the practitioners. When he shared with us about his frame of mind, the changing of his thoughts and how he conquered his fear, I felt that there was a big gap between his level and mine. If I had not heard him talking about the process of conquering fear in person, I would have thought that Zenon was fearless to begin with. Hence, I further felt the greatness of Dafa, which can rectify everything and let everything become good again!

After we finished the exercises in the Charter Garden, two of us asked the Western practitioners to pose for a picture with us. We stood together, and even though we don't speak the same language, have different complexions, come from different countries and are at different levels of cultivation, we have the same Teacher, cultivate the same Fa and study the same book. The same hearts -- Dafa connected us together.

On our way back after lunch, Zenon, who was walking in front of me, suddenly turned to me and said, "I'm very sorry, I want to tell you, on this thing that we did, you are looking at it using human sentiment. You are using human sentiment to treat this thing (refering to what they did on Tiananmen Square), we could say this is 'sentimentality'!"

These words, coming suddenly, made me feel baffled. Because other than several simple sentences, I had hardly talked about my inner thoughts with Zenon. I even wondered if he was talking to the wrong person. But I calmed down immediately. I knew that nothing occurs by chance to practitioners, so it must be my problem. At the same time, I felt happy that someone could speak bluntly about my attachment, as this attachment was something that I was not aware of at all.

The next thing I did was to check inside myself. Suddenly, I realized my problem. I remembered that while we were handing out truth-clarifying materials in front of the government office, the first person to accept the information was a policeman who was a little bit impatient but had no choice. The second person to accept the materials was the representative of the Department of Government Affairs, a refined and courteous official who was kind and friendly. I wanted to promote Dafa to him. Hence, I said, "Do you want to understand Falun Gong? Do you support us? I hope you can learn more about us and support us." He smiled and nodded his head sincerely. Then I introduced Zenon, who stood by my side, to this official, "He is Zenon, the person in this photo." I pointed to the photos in one practitioner's hands, showing the Western practitioners on Tiananmen Square with Zenon shouting fearlessly and being carried away by policemen. This official listened attentively with patience, constantly nodding his head.

When we talked with the policemen in front of the Liaison Office of the Central Government, we also communicated with them very well. They put up our banner in front of this government office -- the same banner that Zenon had made and used for validating Dafa on Tiananmen Square. Five people stood in front of the Liaison Office of the Central Government, and said in one voice, "Falun Dafa is good"! They once again stated clearly their heartfelt wishes to the Chinese Government [to stop the persecution of Falun Dafa], as Western Falun Gong practitioners.

During our petition, I introduced Zenon to the policeman, and said, "He is Zenon, the man in the photo." I thought no matter who they were, the policemen or the everyday people, they could hardly distinguish an individual among us when looking at us and they regarded us as a whole. No matter what we did, either to validate Dafa, or to promote Dafa, we all represented Dafa as particles of Dafa, instead of as individuals. We were called "Dafa disciples" by both the policemen and the everyday people, or we were called "Falun" in the prison cells of Mainland China by the prisoners. Just as the Israeli practitioner Lemish said, "On Tiananmen Square, I felt it was not us who validated Dafa, but practitioners all over the world together with us." Zenon also said, "I believe that it was not us who did this, but [all] the Dafa practitioners who did it."

Anyhow, I had introduced Zenon to people twice. Maybe this was the reason that made him feel that I worshiped him as a hero. Probably this made him uncomfortable. At least, just the fact that he had the feeling of being treated as a hero among everyday people might have indicated that I had such an attachment.

Then, I asked a French practitioner, who was currently learning Chinese, to be a translator. I wanted to speak my true thoughts. I said, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize that I might have this attachment. As a matter of fact, you know what? I introduced Zenon, but actually what I introduced were Dafa practitioners; I am introducing Dafa to the world's people now, but actually I am introducing a kind of spirit, which was demonstrated by you. Hence, you are our representative! "

As I talked about this point, I suddenly was so moved that I broke into tears and could not say even one more word. That feeling of being touched, the purity and the loftiness that I felt right at that moment, could not be conveyed by any human language. So I did not speak any more. Because what Zenon said on Tiananmen Square, "Falun Dafa is good! The world knows! Europe knows! The United States knows! Canada knows!" is the heartfelt wish that all of us overseas practitioners want to express.

Upon hearing my words, Zenon said to me in Chinese, "I'm sorry. This is my fundamental attachment". In fact, we all have attachments. I believe that our hearts are connected and that we can understand each other without long conversation.

However, I suddenly understood one thing due to this episode. The act of the Western Falun Gong practitioners going to Tiananmen Square was deeply touching, but it was in fact the Fa, instead of themselves, that touched us. It is the Fa that unites us together, and makes us just like a family -- a "solid and unbreakable" entirety. It is the Fa that touches us and unites us more closely than ever before. It is the Fa that smelts us together and brings up "the disciples' magnificence"!

I feel the profundity of Dafa and the greatness of our Teacher. Dafa is purifying us by different means and sculpting us. During this process I can feel, really feel, even see, that Dafa is an entirety and that we are all tiny particles in Dafa.

December 24, 2001