Names of individuals and their deeds perpetrated in Section 1, Division 2, at Jilin City Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp:

The following people all committed the crime of persecuting Dafa practitioners: Mu Yan (division chief), Wang Jingbo (section chief), Zhang Bailiang, Zhao Dongjiang, Wang Yongsheng (guards), Zhang Zilong, and Zhu Guangji. When they were forcing Dafa practitioners to denounce "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance," they closed all the curtains and doors and turned up the radio so that no one from the outside could see or hear what was going on inside. The guards handcuffed practitioners to bedrails or radiator fins, and then beat and shocked the practitioners with electric batons.

1. Li Shijie, Dafa practitioner, around 30 years old, and a native of Jiling City, was tortured by guard Zhu Guangjie and section chief Zhao Dongjiang. He suffered "memory loss."

2. The wicked guards tortured Dafa practitioner Wu Dexiu so badly that his head swelled like a gourd.

3. On September 10, 2001, management section head Gao XX went out and detained 15 Dafa practitioners from Tonghua City. Among the practitioners was Wang Zhenguang who was resting at home, due to poor heath. Despite this, Gao XX forced him to go to the camp for illegal detention.

4. Dafa practitioners were forced to sit on small planks and were only allowed to sleep for 3 hours a day.

5. Under the instigation of prison guards, criminal inmates Zhao Zhenhe, Li Guang, Luu Hongjun, and Xia Guoliang participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners. Jiang Zemin's regime rewarded these prisoners with a reduced sentence.

Inmate Zhao Zhenhe frequently beat and verbally abused practitioners. Each time he consumed alcohol he would beat up practitioners.

Inmate Li Guang frequently extorted money and belongs from practitioners and intimidated practitioners. He threatened to kill everybody in practitioner Jin Zhixin's family.

Inmate Luu Hongjun is very evil and beats practitioners with wooden planks.

Inmate Xia Guoliang forced practitioners to write the "Three Statements" (to denounce Dafa). He also tipped off prison guards and assisted them to persecute practitioners.

The evil individuals and evil deeds of Section 2, Division 2 of Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp:

Sun XX (division chief), Xu Xuequan (section chief), Xu Jinan, Guards Wang Xuyou and Cui XX all participated in the persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Under the instruction of prison guards, inmate Wen Yifu forced Dafa practitioners to sit in a row. One practitioner's body had to touch another practitioner's, and the practitioner in the front had to sit on the legs of the practitioner sitting behind him. Practitioners were forced to sit in this position for more than 10 hours a day. In addition, Wen Yifu often beats and verbally abuses practitioners.

Hereby we warn all the evil individuals mentioned above, and all who participated in the persecution of Dafa: the universal law says that good deeds result in good rewards and evil acts lead to bad consequences. Incidents of evil persons receiving retribution for persecution of Dafa are happening all over the country.

The labor camp operator's phone No.: 011-86-432-4880801

Address: Jiling City's Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp