November 27, 2001

( In mid-July 2001, the vicious members of the Guan County government and police department arrested nearly 100 practitioners (not including those arrested in rural areas) and imprisoned them for more than 4 months, because they feared the practitioners would go to Beijing to appeal. So far, those practitioners have not been released. Meanwhile, they offered rewards for the capture of other practitioners, who were forced to become homeless to avoid persecution. The wanted practitioners were also reported to the state public security department that issues nationwide arrest warrants.

In November, the vicious people installed video cameras to monitor the streets of the county to illegally track practitioners' activities. Moreover, in spite of the lack of means of the local residents, they also allotted 720,000 Yuan to build a brainwashing center to increase the persecution of practitioners.

The vicious force offers rewards for capture of the following practitioners:

  1. Xing Tongfu, male, 47, from Xuchun, Gangtun Town;
  2. Wang Shouke, male, 45, from Liubazai, Xinji Town;
  3. Zhang Qiaohuan, female, 36, from Yuanzhuang, Guancheng Town;
  4. Guo Dongqi, male, 60, from Guozhanggu, Dianzhi town;
  5. Song Huimin, female, 34, staff member of the government of Yanzhuang Town;
  6. Zhang Danfeng, female, 34, residing on South Qingshui Street;
  7. Wang Baofu, male, 31, from Chenjing, East Town and
  8. Xu Lanyun, female, 36, staff member of the food department of the county.

They announced the reward of 10,000 to 30,000 Yuan for the capture of Xing Dongfu, 5,000 to 10,000 Yuan for Wang Shouke, and 1,000 to 2,000 Yuan for the others. They also announced a reward of 200 to 500 Yuan for reporting any person who distributes Falun Gong materials or CDs.