November 15, 2001

( September 5, 2001, I at last fulfilled my wish by boarding a train for Beijing. When the train arrived at Tianjin (a city close to Beijing), my eyes were like two springs filled with tears and I said in my heart, "Ah! My Teacher, your disciple has come late and you have suffered too much for your disciple!"

September 6, 2001, I had finally reached Tiananmen Square. Standing under the National Flag, I unfurled a banner and held it high with my hands. I shouted from the bottom of my heart, "Falun Dafa is a righteous teaching! Return justice to my Teacher!" My shouts sounded earthshaking. At that time, people around, more and more, were all coming up and I saw foreign reporter(s) among them. Two policemen rushed at me and one of them grabbed my banner. However, I had only shouted twice and I could not go home. I must shout again to let more people know that Falun Dafa is good. So, expending all my strength, I shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is a righteous teaching! - Return justice to my Teacher! - -" Seeing that so many people were listening to me, I exerted all my strength to shout. Since I was rectifying the Fa, the goal of Fa-rectification must be achieved.

A police car had already arrived but I feared nothing. Two policemen pushed me into the car. After getting in the car, I opened the car window and shouted out. I saw so many people on Tiananmen Square staring at me with admiration and many people had tears in their eyes. They might worry about where this high school student would be taken and if her life would be in danger. Having realized people's kind thoughts, I shouted with even more strength.

Vicious policemen pushed and kept me down on the floor until we got to the police station. They pushed me into a small room. A vicious policeman wrapped my head with my banner, trying to take a picture of me. I refused to have my picture taken.

Then they transferred me to another police station, where the policemen acted like a gang of bandits. After taking away all of my property, they asked me for my name and address. A vicious policeman said, "Please tell me, otherwise you will lose your rice bowl (lose my job)." They also said hypocritically, "As soon as you tell us your name, we will let you go home." I didn't answer them. About one hour later, they suddenly turned hostile to me and said that if a soft approach doesn't work they would try a hard approach. Then, a vicious policeman drew up the window blinds and another vicious policeman showed me a pair of handcuffs. They asked me again if I would tell them or, otherwise, they would torture me. I ignored their question.

They brought a cloth towel and blindfolded me. Two more vicious policemen came and pushed me down with my chest against the floor and my hands cuffed behind my back. A vicious policeman stepped on my neck, making me gasp for breath. They put a chair on my body and tied my legs with a rope. In addition, two vicious policemen held me, making me unable to move even a single inch. Then, they started shocking me with an electric baton all over my body. They shocked all my sensitive parts, including my back, breasts, private parts and the soles of my feet. I cried as I suffered the pain. They said that if I refused to tell them my name they would continue shocking me. I didn't tell them and they continued shocking me until the baton was out of electricity. Then they recharged the baton and continued. After the baton had been recharged for three or four times, my body became numb.

Then they used two electric batons to shock me at the same time. I still didn't say anything and they continued, and I felt the pain was almost intolerable. A vicious policeman trampled on my throat and neck making me unable to breathe. Obviously, they were killing me. It was then I could take no more. I uttered my name and was flung into a small cell.

I am only fifteen years old. And yet they tortured me so cruelly. How malicious they are! Then, I remembered those Dafa disciples who dedicated their lives to Fa-rectification. I must get out of here and let people know how malicious Jiang's political gang of scoundrels is. They won't even let off a high school student. I would like to ask a question to those vicious policemen who have sold themselves to Jiang, don't you have parents, sisters, or brothers?

Having extracted my name from me, those vicious policemen demanded that my parents pay 4,000 Yuan for my release. Our family leads a poor life. My parents work for a whole year to make only 2,800 Yuan. The police said that it was not enough, so my parents borrowed 300 Yuan and gave them a total of 3,100 Yuan.

Then I was taken back to the local "610 Office." Seeing injuries all over my body, people in the jail dared not receive me. They were afraid that I might die in there. So I was allowed to go home for treatment of my injured body. At home, I still smelled the scorched skin. I thought "I must write these facts down, to let people know that the evil's persecution is still going on, but it cannot shake Dafa disciples' steadfast hearts."