On December 21, 2001, a benefit exhibition and sale of traditional Chinese ink and watercolor paintings was held as part of the SOS campaign to rescue Japanese Falun Gong practitioners, Gao Shanshan and Hu Guoping. The event was held in the Hiroshima Cultural Center. Several government officials including a county councilman, speaker, and mayor's assistant attended the exhibition and delivered speeches. Some of them are directors in the Chinese-Japanese Friendship Association. They said, "The friendship between Japan and China has lasted over 2,000 years. Though currently this friendship is at its peak, we cannot tolerate the persecution against Falun Gong in China." They expressed their sympathy to the Dafa practitioners under persecution. "We cannot keep silent. We must try our best to rescue the Falun Dafa practitioners imprisoned by having more media coverage, helping more residents understand Falun Gong, and giving support and help to the Falun Gong practitioners. Today the exhibition of Ms. Zhang Cuiying's paintings is beneficial to all. We can feel the auspicious peace inside this hall, and we believe that Falun Gong will bring peace and prosperity to the Hiroshima residents."

A big Falun seen during the press conference County councilman gives a speech to support Falun Gong and a Falun appears in front of him

During those two days, more than ten different reporters from TV stations, newspapers, and magazines came to interview and cover the event. The Hiroshima China News had particularly intensive coverage and clarified much of the truth about Falun Gong. The positive reports in China News played an important role in the education of the residents of Hiroshima and Yamaguchi Counties about Falun Gong. The reporters asked many questions about the persecution of jailed Falun Gong practitioners and wrote down the details in their reports, effectively reporting on both the exhibition and the persecution in China.

Many Faluns appeared on each of the several dozen pictures that we took, and there are Faluns rotating on every reporter and government official. To express their appreciation, the local practitioners had the photos enlarged and framed so they could present them to those reporters and government officials.

Falun rotates on a reporter The practitioners thank the media for their support

Falun appears on the county councilman

A Hiroshima councilman said that during the three-day exhibition, he would continue to invite major media such as TV stations and newspapers to cover the event. "This is a rare opportunity to have more Hiroshima residents know the truth about Falun Gong. This is my responsibility as City Councilman." He said he would do his best to help us.

It is certainly worth mentioning that many government officials attended the exhibition on the first day. More than ten attended in the afternoon. Additionally, during today's exhibition, we shot many photos containing thousands of Falun and various forms of energy fields.