(Clearwisdom.net) One day in August 2001, the 6th Team of the forced labor camp was called to gather in the factory workshop to learn a song. When all were seated on the floor in rows, the Team Leader said, "If some of you do not sing, don't disturb the others." He then turned over the double-sided blackboard, and everybody saw that it was a song slandering Dafa. One practitioner sprang up from the floor, pointed to the Team Leader and said, "This is slandering the heavenly Law!" Other practitioners started to stand up and leave the lines. The Team Leader yelled to the inmates, "I order you to drag them back for me!" but only a few of them tried to pull lightly, and then stopped. The Team Leader had to give up, saying, "You do not have to sing, but you have to obey the rules here." Many practitioners started to return to the rows, but one firmly remained standing outside the lines. When the Team Leader asked why he did not return to the lines, he answered solemnly, "If they are going to sing such a song, how could I be with them?!" Upon hearing this, all the practitioners quickly walked out of the lines again.

Unable to do a thing, the Team Leader had to lead the practitioners out of the factory workshop and told them that they could express their opinions or complaints. Following that, one practitioner said to the Team Leader that an inmate beat him till his face became swollen because he wrote an appeal saying that his being sentenced to perform forced labor was illegal. The Team Leader said that he did not know about it. Another practitioner also reported the same inmate had beaten up an elderly man who was among the so-called "brainwashed practitioners," for not singing this "song" the day before. The Team Leader said that he would have to make an inquiry to the Team Monitor regarding the issue. Just then the abovementioned inmate came out from the factory workshop and started shouting at the practitioners. A practitioner who spoke solemnly promptly stopped him: "What right do you have to speak to us?" Other practitioners also questioned him, leaving him unable to think of a reply. The face of the Team Leader turned dark, and did not know what to say. So when a policeman came for him, he hurriedly called over the guard that was on duty, and then quietly disappeared. The young guard looked at the solid wall of people standing in front of him and helplessly waved his hands: "I give up. Quickly, just line up, and return to your quarters."

At this time the others also came out of the factory workshop. When we returned to the quarters we told them about Dafa. Some of them nodded quietly. An inmate of ethnic background said with a laugh: "I couldn't read the Chinese characters, so they couldn't figure out what I was singing." From then on, the labour camp never sang that song again.

Looking at all the people being deceived and all the ignorant policemen, and remembering Teacher's recent article "The Chill of Autumn's Winds," no words could be found, but just the feeling of benevolence. We will try even harder to clarify the truth and to offer salvation to sentient beings.